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Gil's telling Catherine that the bank called. Apparently, her former husband Eddie -- whom avid recap readers will remember as the duplicitous, pancake-making bastard who slapped her with a Child Services investigation -- has taken out a second mortgage on the house he still jointly owns with Catherine, and the bank called to verify that Catherine was gainfully employed. Gil reminds Catherine that the bank's within its rights to grant the mortgage, since Catherine and Eddie are not yet divorced and the house is still tied up in the marriage. "We didn't want to sell it until the market went back up, and then we were going to split the profits on the house," Catherine spits, clearly livid with herself for not getting out while the getting was good and furious with Eddie for putting her investment in jeopardy. I do wonder: she lives in Las Vegas, where getting married and getting divorced are, like, twenty-minute processes. What's taking so long? God knows it only took thirty minutes for me to get my marriage license there, and that was on a Friday night with a holdup in the line when the guy in front of me had to have his bride-to-be produce a note from her legal guardian stating that it was okay for her to get married while still a junior in high school. How long can it take to get a divorce? Anyway -- Catherine and Eddie are still not divorced, so he can do whatever he pleases with the house.

Cut to Sara heading into the hospital room. The detective at the door drops a little more exposition: there's still no ID on the woman, and she's got two bullets in her brain which cannot be removed without surgery. Sara does a head-to-toe sweep of the Jane Doe, noting that she's married. After taking the woman's hand, Sara says, "She's warm." "Feels different, huh?" the detective lobs back, and Sara looks dismayed. She prepares to do the sexual-assault kit and tells the detective she wants him to leave: "We're going to need a little privacy here." The strings kick in, the light gets a quality I can only describe as Zwick-Herskovitzian, and we settle in for some character development vis a vis sexual assault examination. After a montage showing Sara doing a fairly thorough head-to-toe, the action slows again, and we see Sara positioning the woman's legs, then fetching a speculum from her kit. "I never really liked this part of my yearly exam," she muses as she sets the speculum. "These things are always freezing." So she breathes on it to warm it up -- something I can appreciate for the intention, but I do wonder about the sterility -- and begins to do the vaginal exam. Through the entire scene, Sara looks like she's steeling herself to stay in the room and do the job.

Back at the crime scene, Nicky's snapping photos of the bullet casing on the ground. Brass and Gil have been standing over him; Gil's Spidey senses tingle, and he sees something on the ground. He -- and we, by extension -- zoom in and we see what he sees: a belt loop. Gil orders Nicky to get a shot of it. After the three stooges establish that the belt loop belongs to the perp and not the victim, Gil announces, "I'm going to use scent pads." Nicky looks puzzled. That's our cue for the Forensics Fun portion of today's episode, where we get to learn a little something about crime-solving while enjoying the show. Today's lesson: "A dog's sense of smell is about 40 times more acute than a human's. A dog's nose is packed with dense rolls of membranes that absorb odor. Stretched out, these membranes extend about a third of the length of the dog's body. The membranes in a human nose? About the size of a postage stamp." As Gil is regaling us with comparative anatomy stats, he's futzing with something that looks like a government-issue Dustbuster. Nicky says as much, and Gil continues educating: "You place absorbent pads in the chamber, then run the machine over the suspected item. Then you take the pad, seal it in an envelope, and freeze it." Nicky's getting it: "Yeah, yeah. Then we pull them out when we know enough about this denim guy to get a proximal location." Yeah, that's about as clear as mud, Nicky. Thanks for trying. Gil steps in to rescue me from my own confusion: "There's a caveat." "You wanna explain that caveat?" Brass grumps. "Later," Gil says. I take back the rescue comment. Gil's leaving me hanging, and that's just wrong.

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