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Junkyard dogs

Meanwhile, the sunshine 'n' rainbows team is wading through all eight boxes of evidence. After some preliminary nattering about Eddie's latest duplicitous moves, Warrick shares the particulars of the case with us: "Two 25-year-old guys, Chuckie Hastings and Roy McCall, lifelong neighbors, one step up from a trailer park, got into a beef over a motorcycle in the owner's backyard." Catherine tells McCall's side of the story: he claims to have returned a smashed-up motorcycle to Hastings, Hastings lost his temper, and in the ensuing melee -- which we see in flashback -- McCall killed him in self-defense with the automatic he conveniently stored in his BVDs. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hastings claims that McCall shot Hastings in the back; the coroner's report confirms that Hastings was shot in the back. Catherine frames the key question in the case, asking if Hastings did attack McCall with a screwdriver -- warranting some measure of self-defense -- or not. "Well, we would need the screwdriver with McCall's blood on it to prove that now, wouldn't we?" Warrick snipes, and goes on to reveal that Franovich lost the key piece of evidence in the case before a single forensics test could be run on it. "We know why Franovich left. He quit before we could fire his ass!" Catherine fumes. Warrick gives her an amen. She continues, "You know who the DA will blame for this." "The same people Homicide will blame," Warrick concludes. No wonder the two of them have such long faces. They're about to get an interdepartmental ass-whooping for something they didn't even do.

Some ballistics goob is pressing Gil and Nicky for the details of the Jane Doe case while he matches bullets for them. Gil gives the generalities: raped, shot, and left for dead. Nicky warmly thanks the would-be murderer for being so thoughtful as to leave behind two cartridge casings. Nicky needs to work on his sardonicism; it comes off as naive gloating here, which is really kind of inappropriate given the circumstances. He continues to annoy me by babbling about the relative stupidity of felons: "You think the bad guys would figure we'd eventually start a database on cartridge casings, huh?" Yes, Nicky. Because bad guys are like that, spending all their time fretting about data warehousing and sandwiching actual crime in between Powerpoint presentations on content management systems. You big dork. There's a possible match; the bullet casings match those found at a crime scene in North Vegas. Gil instructs the lab tech and Nicky to keep working on confirming the match, and bows out to see Sara.

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