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Cut to Tony and his mom talking to Gil and Brass. Sara comes into the observation area and hisses to Nicky, "Grissom told you to keep me out of this, didn't he?" Nicky nods in affirmation. The two turn their attention back to the questioning in progress, where Gil has guilelessly noted how very interesting he finds Tony's belt-loop-less jeans. Brass asks if Tony wouldn't mind donning some prison scrubs and handing over the jeans; Mom starts in on Tony's rights. "Chill, Moms," he instructs her, undressing and putting his jeans on the table in a show of bravado. "I got nothing to hide. It's no big thing -- cop said the lady isn't even dead." Gil takes a faceful of jeans -- Tony's aim is pretty good -- and concedes, "That's true; she's isn't. But if she dies within a year and a day of the shooting, then it's murder." Mom demands to know if this is some kind of trick; Brass assures her it most definitely is not, and they're treating the case as a murder. Tony's not terribly worried about that, noting that he's a juvenile and thus will not be suspect to the same penalties as an adult. Sara, who's been watching this whole exchange silently, turns away in fury. That'll learn her for not working in one of those states that puts minors on death row. "I guess the law is on your side, isn't it, Tony?" Gil inquires sweetly, "for now."

Eddie and Lindsey are waiting in the lobby area as Catherine comes wandering by with Warrick. "Hi, Catherine. Somebody wanted to see you," Eddie says, obviously hoping to a) use their child as a human shield against Catherine's wrath, and b) press a few guilt buttons while he's at it. Things are getting tense and ugly when Warrick displays an aptitude for dealing with children and whisks Lindsey off to check out the new games on his computer. Catherine and Eddie proceed to make the break room a very uncomfortable place to be. He apparently has issues with Catherine's vocational choices both present and past; Catherine points out that her glory days as a stripper are what supported him, and he counters, "Who paid to close up your nose?" There's been some debate in the forums as to whether he's alluding to paying for Catherine to get a nose job to correct a deviated septum, or whether he paid for her to go through rehab to kick a coke habit. I'll be damned if I know; perhaps someone who's had either a nose job or a cocaine habit can clue us in? Anyway, the argument escalates in intensity, and Eddie pins Catherine against a wall. "Let go of me!" she commands angrily, and you get the sense that she's talking about a whole lot of things beside the physical confrontation. He only furthers that impression by snarling, "I'll let go of you when I'm good and ready --" but doesn't get to continue, because Gil, of all people, has barreled on in to the break room and is physically separating the two. Gil makes it clear that Ed's not welcome in CSI Central, and Ed shoots back, "I always knew you two had a thing!" Oh, whatever, Ed. Catherine is nowhere to be found, presumably because she crawled under a desk in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, in another part of the show, Sara and Nicky are working on matching that belt loop to Tony's jeans. Sara's absentmindedly singing as she works, and she doesn't sound half-bad. Nicky says as much. "It's a-a habit. I don't even realize I'm doing it -- um, did you get that belt loop from the crime scene lined up yet?" she fumbles. Nicky rescues her from further awkwardness by making her day and showing her the belt loop; it matches the jeans. "Let's go tell the boss," Nicky says, and Sara nervously says she has something else to do first. Nicky warns her away from Tony, and Sara rightfully nails him for misreading her intentions. "It's something else. Promise," she finishes.

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