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Warrick, Catherine, and the amazing self-healing dummy are in the DA's office, explaining how Hastings was facing McCall, and McCall still managed to shoot him in the back. Warrick demonstrates how the two men were tussling -- Hastings lunged forward with the screwdriver and got in a good gash, then McCall shot once in self-defense while Hastings was on top of him. The thing that'll do him in for murder, however, will be that second shot McCall fired off after Hastings was on the ground. The DA looks inordinately pleased, and twists the CSIs' arms into a repeat performance for the trial. He leaves, and Warrick takes the opportunity to wrap up the subplot we could all care less about by asking after Lindsey and using the subsequent family-related chitchat to tell Catherine, "You gotta get that divorce finalized, huh?"

The thing Sara had to do was visit Jane Doe, nee Pamela Adler, to tell her that they got her attacker. "We caught him. If you hadn't pulled that belt loop, we might never have found him, but...you did good." Her moment with Pamela is punctured by Pamela's spouse Tom, who's sitting quietly in the corner watching his comatose wife. The two conscious people in the room have a moderately awkward conversation; Sara passes over the St. Catherine's medal, and Tom reveals that Pam's going to live, and spend the rest of her life in Haven View Center -- "do you know that facility?" he asks anxiously, and Sara swallows hard before replying, "Yeah. I do." The writing team gets major points this week for making the point -- Pamela is never going to regain consciousness, or anything resembling a full life -- subtly and poignantly. The conversation tapers off with Sara promising to visit, and then she beats a hasty retreat. Once she's in the hall, she's hugging herself hard and trying not to cry.

In the next scene, in Gil's office, Sara's lost that battle with her tears and is just talking while they roll down her face. "The husband doesn't get it," she tells Gil. "He's so happy she's going to live, he doesn't realize she's going to be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life." Gil doesn't say anything and Sara continues: "And that kid Thorpse is going to be out of juvie in 48 months. It's not fair." "It's the system," Gil replies softly. "What kind of system rewards the suspect when the victim is too tough to die?" Sara asks. Gil looks away for a moment, thinking hard. Sara pulls herself out of the chair and walks toward the door of Gil's office. "Sara..." Gil calls, and she turns around; she looks terrible. "You've got to learn to let this go, or you're going to spend all your time in hospitals trying to help the people you couldn't save," he says. Sara thinks this over for a moment, then replies, "I wish I was like you, Grissom. I wish I didn't feel anything." She turns to walk out, and Gil just sits in his chair, sighing. Thus endeth another CSI in typical fashion.

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