What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?

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Someplace strange and metaphorical, because the physical trip stops here. Brass charges into the bathroom and opens up the stall as Officers Frick and Frack stand there with their thumbs up their duffs. This is the point where Mr. Sobell loses it and begins gibbering incoherently with rage. Why? Because evidently the sounds Kevin made while dropping a plastic bag over his head and securing it with a rope procured from God-knows-where weren't at all out of the ordinary. So, yeah, Kevin's suffocated himself. Because people who make mistakes deserve to die, remember? ["If anyone is interested, this entire storyline is taken from real-life events. I'm a little surprised the writers didn't name-check Lake and Ng in the dialogue." -- Sars knows way more true-crime shit than she should]

Brass sends the ineffective deputies off to get a paramedic -- let's hope they bring back a paraplegic instead -- and he stands around with Catherine while Gil...well, Gil is electing to go nowhere near Kevin's dental work with his own mouth, forsaking the opportunity to do artificial respiration in favor of bouncing up and down on Kevin's chest like Tigger. Ah, Gil. If you just stop now, you'll save the taxpayers of Nevada a lot of money. The logic of reviving a serial killer so the state can kill him is lost on me, I'm afraid.

Anyway, Kevin is now wherever serial killers go after they've shuffled off this mortal coil. Perhaps Millander will be his spirit guide.

After all the fuss, a tired Gil heads back to the interrogation room and notices the drawing Kevin was working on. Why, it's a picture of Gil, kind of. He's shown with Kevin reflected in his glasses, and the glasses are drawn twice. If you turn the picture 90 degrees, you get a shot of an unnamed crying woman, and a dead Kevin body in the background. And then Gil notices you can fold the picture like the back page of Mad magazine, and the folded picture is of Gil, with Kevin reflected in his glasses. The word "Good Bye" is inside Kevin's mouth.

Cue Gil standing there, horror-stricken, as he realizes a lifelong Xerox jockey manipulated the entire encounter, beginning to end. He was out-thought, and it's only because Kevin decided to turn himself in that the killing stops.

No rant this week. Try to contain your glee. It's just…when the episode keeps me guessing, and everyone acts less than annoying, and I enjoy it, I'm a lot more forgiving of glaring logic holes like why Kevin got to go to the bathroom by himself. We'll see if the tuxedos next week have a similarly pacifying effect.

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