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And now that I've shared the love, it's time to return to the episode, where Brass is sharing the hostility. He points out that Cody ditched the old suspect van, picked up a new presumably non-suspect wife, returned to the campus around the time victim number four was killed, and taught victim number five. Brass asks, "You see what I got here?" "A string of seemingly unrelated events grouped thanks to a hackneyed idea of how killers go undercover?" Cody guesses. No, he does not. Brass presses some more, and Cody says with barely restrained anger, "You know what it's like to be told you lead the life and fit the profile of a serial killer?" Brass swats another one out of the park with a cheerily unrepentant, "Nah. I wouldn't have a clue." Cody replies, "You make all these assumptions, and you're not asking questions here. You're attacking me to see how I'm going to react to what you have to say. And nothing I say is going to make a difference with you, so what's the point?" Brass tries a new tack: "Why don't you just confess?" Cody glares in frustration and says, with a lot less asperity than expected, "That's my point. I didn't do it."

Nicky and Liam work the van where Katy's body was found. Liam finds a WLVU parking pass dating back to 1986. Nicky finds a pair of shattered eyeglasses, and reminds us all that two years ago, Debby Reston wrecked her killer's eyeglasses before he took her down. The glasses prescription was 20/80; Liam offers to run these glasses and see if they match. Nicky tells him to run the parking pass too, as the VIN for the van's been obliterated. The two hop out of the car and move around to the back, where Nicky notices that someone's gone to the trouble to spoof the van registration with fake stickers for years. Liam's poking around the cargo-loading area in the back, and he finds a load of black powder. At first he figures it's fingerprint powder, but Nicky quickly debunks that idea. So Liam's officially found something. And yippee for him and all, but I really wish TPTB would scale back on him a little and rotate Sara, Warrick, and Nicky into more regular rotation. I miss the Young Turks being all...young. And Turk-y.

And in response to my cosmic plea, we switch to Sara. Oh, this is exciting! If I write that I wish for a big basket of Scharffen Berger to plop on my doorstep, will that happen too? (Runs to door to check …) Well, I can live in hope. Sara's hanging with Jacqui, asking about the prints pulled from the van; Jacqui tell her, "The prints from the dash and the rearview mirror were a match to the partial we pulled off the trash bag that Debbie Reston was found in two years ago. Same guy, still no hits from AFIS." Sara asks if "the X-rated comic books" are ready -- and poor Sara, forced to handle bad porn in the name of solving a case for the second time in two weeks -- and Jacqui grimly says there's nothing comic about them. She flips open a page and says, "Double-D cups, tiny waist, bondage. Dehumanization. I'm all for visual stimulation, but these images are about domination, not sex." The images in question: a tight close-up on a weeping, made-up eye, the caption, "This will be a GOOD hurt!" and tied wrists. Sara concludes, "This artist gets off on dominating women. This is his sex."

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