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We get to find out before Jeff and Skye just what's happening tonight, as we take a mosey on down to the local college hangout. A bunch of kids -- including the pranksters from earlier -- are drinking and laughing it up as video from their exploits plays out on a backdrop. One of the guys catches up to a girl with long, brown hair. "Laura! Sweet round. Jillian so thought she was gonna die!" Jillian, the blond, agrees by shrieking, "WOOOOOOOOO!" Another girl comes up to Laura to congratulate her. "Best round yet, baby girl!" But Laura isn't taking the credit. "Listen, Carey," she says, "tonight's game... it wasn't me." They're both stunned and wonder if it was Nate who started the game.

Jillian is leaving the party when she gets a call. It's a distorted Billy Grimm recording, talking about True Believers. "You're next," the voice says in a chipmunk register. Jillian thinks that it's all part of the prank, right up until a car speeds out of the darkness and mows her over. Real dying isn't nearly as fun as fake dying.

Jeff returns to Nate's very spacious apartment. I hope the show lasts long enough to explain how he afforded that place. Anyway, Jeff finds Laura rifling through Nate's desk. She recognizes him, but he's never heard of her. "How did you get in here?" he asks. "I have a key," she explains. "I used to live here. I was Nate's girlfriend." Jeff looks extra confused, so they sit down for a chat. The two dated for almost a year, but Jeff never heard of her. In contrast, Nate told Laura all about his big bro. Laura tells him that Nate dropped out of school when he started obsessing with the show. Their relationship went downhill. "We were fighting about everything. Money, him dropping out, the game..." She tells him about Being Billy and how she and Nate started the games on their campus. She explains to Jeff all the stuff we've already seen about how the game is played, highlighting a weakness of Outer Show's format. Jeff is always playing catch-up, learning about things we've already seen, so it feels repetitive. "Since Nate went AWOL, I've been running the game by myself," she says. "But today, Nate started it without me." She also tells him that tonight's game victim became a victim for real. They look slightly worried, as one might when informed one's dry cleaning has been lost.

The next morning, Jeff and Skye head over to the dorms. On the way, Jeff expresses his growing uncertainty over Nate's disappearance. He says Nate's done something like this before, and cites the time he took off after their parents died. Of course, Nate was 10 at the time, so I don't see how it really compares, but whatever. They come upon a small memorial for Jillian, decorated with paraphernalia from the show.

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