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Fandomain. Jeff worries he didn't raise Nate up right and Skye tries to make him feel better. I just don't care about these people's backgrounds, so the angst is just boring. Luckily, Jeff gets a forwarded email from Nate's account, courtesy of EJ's hackery. It looks like he sent a message to Laura, asking her to meet him in the dorm basement. Wouldn't he send a text? Email seems so clunky.

They head over to the basement, but nobody's there. Instead, they find props from the show, including one of the abominable earrings. They also find a hard drive, printer and pictures of Jillian immediately before and after her death. Jeff gets another email: "Billy says it's starting again." They realize another round of the game has begun, or something. I'm too distracted by the music, which is much louder and more intrusive than the scene warrants. It's like it's trying really hard to make the scene seem more interesting, but it's kind of like adding exclamation points to a boring story. It's louder, but it's still boring.

Meanwhile, Roger is still showing Shifty around the set. She gets all hot and bothered when he shows her the taxidermy set from a previous episode. She flatters his skills as an actor and oohs about how emotional the scene was. "Where does that come from?" she asks. "You find something of yourself in the character [and] use that," he says. She wonders if she drew on something from his childhood. "When you were a kid, you got stuck inside a factory," she says. He's a bit freaked out, because he's never told anyone about that. She says he read about it in his hometown newspaper. "That story broke my heart. Made me fall in love with you a little." Whatever trepidation he had melts away as she shackles herself with some prop chains and curls an inviting finger his way. As they lean in for a kiss, she pulls a knife out of her purse. Billy sees it out of the corner of his eye and backs right the hell up. "Take it," she says, holding it towards him handle first. "It's yours," she says. "It's Billy's," he corrects her. "It's yours," she says again. Well, you can't argue with logic like that. He takes the knife and uses it to cut through the buttons on her shirt. They start going at it like horny teenagers. Well, one of them goes at it like a horny teenager. The other one goes at it like a lecherous grandpa on a Viagra bender.

Jeff and Skye show up at Carey and Laura's dorm room, arms laden with goods they found in the basement. Laura is nowhere to be seen and Carey is about to hightail it out of town, lest she end up dead like Jillian. She leaves, but Jeff and Skye stick around to use Laura's laptop to get a look at the hard drive they found. "There's only one file," Skye says. "It's a video!" Sigh. You don't need to narrate things we can clearly see for ourselves! It's a clip from Inner Show, where Kelly pulled that guy out of the wall. In previous weeks, my CC had him saying, "Well, hey, these things just snap right off." This week it says, "Willie, these things just snap right off." Error or conspiracy? There are also clips of Jillian's reenactment and death, and something that sounds like a baby laughing. Numbers flash on the screen that Skye eventually realizes indicate which scene from which episode is going to be featured in the next game. Clips of Laura going about her daily life seem to indicate she's the next victim.

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