In the Blood

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The Amateur Investigation Hour

They return to Nate's place in a huff over what they've just seen. Skye does a quick search online and finds out that Sakelik has a sterling record in the department. There's an awkward segue where Skye notices Jeff's notes about Steven. "I told you, you'll never get to Steven," she says. This makes Jeff suspicious. He remembers that Skye started helping him as soon as she heard him mention Steven's name. She's been weirdly available to him, which just makes him more suspicious. "Why are you so anxious to help me?" he asks. She's hurt by his accusations and packs up her things to leave. She points out that she hasn't asked him any questions about his past, which isn't really comparable. She knows why he's on the hunt. His lying about sources doesn't really have anything to do with that. The argument heats up until she finally blurts out, "I'm here because I think you can help me!" She says her father didn't really disappear while investigating union corruption. Two months ago, she got a box from her father's attorney, full of notes for stories he was working on. He was looking into Steven Rae, then a little-known TV writer. "And there was one word prominent in his notes: cult. That was ten years ago. Steven only created the show last year. What's with the shaky cam in this scene? I'm getting woozy here. Anyway, so Skye got a job with the show in an effort to get close to Rae. I guess that sort of explains why she was so quickly freaked out by the websites.

EJ emails Jeff a map that narrows down the search area for Nate's call. Skye narrows it down further when she remembers that the show shot scenes there.

They end up at the Kidplay Fun Palace. It's like Chuck E. Cheese, but with pharaohs mixed in alongside the cartoon characters. Also, there's a cactus and an adobe structure inside. Did the props department just throw in everything from the back room? Somehow, they talk the manager into letting them watch the security tapes. To their surprise, the footage shows Nate arguing with Miriam's husband. Before they can see what happens next, the recording resets and presumably is erased from the hard drive. Too bad neither Jeff nor Skye thought to catch the confrontation on a camera phone.

Late night at the production offices, the cast meets for a read-through. All seems to be going well until one of the actor balks at the writing. It's Roger, who plays Billy. "As I continue to embody this character, there are some ideas I'm anxious to incorporate," he says. A new exec has replaced the one who's currently off somewhere getting his various orifices sewed shut. She coolly but firmly puts Roger back in his place, basically telling him it's his job to do what Steven says. They trade crazy intense looks, but in the end, it's Roger who backs down.

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