In the Blood

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The Amateur Investigation Hour

Jeff and Skye head back to Miriam's place, determined to get answers from her husband. They find the home seemingly deserted, with most of the wallpaper torn down. They think this must have been the paper he handed over to Sakelik. Skye thinks to use her phone to illuminate the walls, but not to take a picture of it when they find an imprint of the triskelion. As they continue poking around, they hear a thumping in the kitchen cabinets. Jeff pulls open the doors and finds Miriam's husband, bound and gagged. They pull the tape off his mouth. "They don't trust me," he says. "Miriam's suicide spooked them! They stripped everything out of here!" Jeff asks about Nate, but the poor guy is wracked with guilt over his wife. "I couldn't help her, I should have helped her," he sobs. Someone runs by outside and throws something through the window. He calls them the "true believers," and says they came back to finish the job. Skye smells propane. They try to get the husband out the cabinets, but he fights them off. "Well, hey, these things just snap right off," he says with sudden calm. Another propane canister crashes through the window. Skye and Jeff run out just as the whole place explodes in flames. A red car speeds away into the night.

Inner Show. Billy and some of the cult kids are having a grand old time at the Kidplay Fun Palace. A bald man joins Billy at a table. Billy hands him a bloody finger wrapped in tissue, right there on the table where people will later eat their crummy pizza. So unsanitary. "You understand what I want you to do with this," Billy says. "Make sure it gets into that girl police detective's hands," Baldy says. Billy explains it's a gift to mark the anniversary of Kelly's "initiation into the blood." "It will allow her to solve that murder she's investigating... in a way that won't involve us." He chuckles and gives Baldy a game token. Go have fun at Whack-A-Mole!

Jeff is watching this scene while on the phone with Skye. The trailer fire was in the news, but blamed on a propane leak. "We should have stayed and talked to the police," Skye says. "And tell them what?" Jeff asks. "There was mysterious writing on the wall, but it's all ash now?" Take pictures next time, you dorks! Jeff wonders if people would really kill because of a TV show. Their next course of action, they decide, will be to look for these "true believers." After they finish their chat, Steven Rae calls in to talk to someone. Skye is all set to eavesdrop on the convo, but her cute coworker drops by with Cuban food. Best coworker ever! But then he notices a smudge on her cheek. "Looks like soot," he says. How very specific of him. Skye lies badly that she has no idea what it is, which just makes him suspicious.

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