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The CW Goes Meta
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The show begins with a clip from a documentary called Cults in America, which a title card helpfully tells us was first posted online in 2009. Despite this, it has the jumpy quality and sputtering sound of a reel-to-reel film. Pretentious filmmakers and their danged computer filters! An interviewer asks Billy Grimm about his followers. He talks about unconditional love and acceptance and how others seek the connection he provides. In the background, a young blond woman frolics with a bunch of sister wives.

Cut to the present day. The young blond from the clip is now a detective, driving with her partner through the rain-streaked night. Her name is Kelly and they're looking for someone named Meadow, presumed to have been taken by Billy. "What was it that latest vic kept repeating?" the partner asks. "It was, 'Well, hey, these things just snap right off,'" Kelly says. Press-on nails? Skin tags? They follow a map to a shed somewhere in the woods. An old red car sits parked outside. Kelly recognizes it from Billy's old compound. Inside the shed are some of the usual hallmarks of creepiness, like old dolls, chains, rusty saws. There are also newspaper clippings about Kelly's escape from the cult. As Kelly shines her flashlight over the floor and up a wall, she realizes a man is staring at her -- from inside the wall. Kelly tears apart the plaster and he tumbles to the floor. "It's Meadow's husband," Kelly says. "Where's my sister? Where's Meadow and Andy?" she asks Wall Guy. He struggles for breath and gasps, "Well, hey, these things just snap right off!" He dies as Kelly and her partner look on in horror.

"Oh, dude, Douglas is dead!" says a voice. Other voices rise up in protest. As the camera pulls back, we realize we've been watching the show-within-the-show. (Previous to that, we were watching a documentary-within-the-show-within-the-show. It's like an onion with the layers, but does it stink? Time will tell.) We're in a bar full of rapt fans as the episode ends. One man in particular seems especially interested in the outcome of the episode as he jots down something in a notebook and compares it to videos on his laptop. "Merriam, I unlocked it," he says to a dark-haired woman. "The man in the wall was the clue I needed." Merriam is stunned. "The next level? You can reach them?" A waitress gives them a shifty glance. Our heavily invested fan gathers up his things and scrams. The name of the bar: Fandomain Cafe. It's like a sports bar, but for nerds. I would totally go.

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