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The CW Goes Meta

Somewhere in a dark alley, the detectives find a body in the dumpster. He's wearing a shirt from Inner Show. The bored/suspicious detective says the DNA test from Nate's chair is back (already?) and the blood isn't his. Maybe it belongs to this new dead guy. "Something tells me the older brother, the reporter, is gonna connect to all of this," says the bored/suspicious detective.

Skye arrives at Nate's after getting a call from Jeff. He asks her about the disk. On the Inner Show, it "co-opts" Kelly's computer as soon as she tries to run it. "It lets Billy Grimm's people totally hook into her life." Jeff puts the CD into his own laptop and gets a sequence of flashing images. None of it makes sense until he puts on the 3D glasses. Now he can see a series of dashes on the screen, like a game of hangman. "Well, hey, these things just snap right off," fits right into the dashes. The laptop's Wi-Fi light comes on. Stuff starts uploading/downloading. Jeff's phone rings. It's Nate, and he's pissed that Jeff put in the disk. "You never should have put it in!" Well, next time don't leave such a trail of tantalizing clues. He pleads with his brother not to look for him and hangs up. Meanwhile, Jeff's driver's license and other personal info are being uploaded to goodness knows where. "You're next," Billy Grimm says from the screen, again and again.

Back at the dumpster crime scene, the bored/suspicious detective is just wrapping things up. As she gets into her car, he coat sleeve rides up a bit, exposing the nested box tattoo on her forearm. She carefully hides it again.

At the end, the network guy walks past a row of gas pumps, all bearing promo screens with Billy Grimm's ominous countenance. Shifty waitress stumbles into him out of nowhere, distracting him long enough that unseen co-conspirators are able to shove the guy into a red car and tape his mouth shut. One of the kidnappers is dressed like Billy Grimm, or maybe actually is Billy Grimm. Hopefully the ratings pick up so the show lasts long enough for us to find out.

Tippi Blevins is a recapper writing about a show about a show. Email her or someone pretending to be her at, or attempt to contact her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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