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Sarah's House: Kid B is on the phone making kissy sounds and inappropriate suggestions to one of Kid A's ladies. Kid A lays the smack-down on him, but Trevor is huge so he breaks it up with no problem. His size might help him stop the physical torture a big brother can dish out, but not so -- the mental torture. Kid A is knows what buttons to push when he's prevented from kicking butt, so when Kid B threatens to tell mom about the smack-down, Kid A tells him Mom is never coming home. Kid B goes crying out of the room and we cut to...

Nightclub: Harrison is still singing the same song, but now Jack and Sarah are now dancing. Pixie dust.

Claire's Place: She's watching TV and eating a salad. Come on, Show. Oil and vinegar on a white couch? Claire's never done anything that reckless in her life. Of course, Claire probably eschews salad dressing, because she's... her. The phone rings. It's Trevor, begging for her help. She tells him he'll have to wait 'til his next appointment, but once he explains that Kid B has locked himself in the bathroom, she asks him to give her a half hour. We cut to commercial so as not to watch the kid hang himself with the shower curtain in that time. Thirty minutes? Sheesh. This is why we have a grandmothers-and-aunties-only babysitting policy at my house.

Sarah's house: Claire does everything but sing "My Mommy Comes Back" before Ben will let her in the bathroom. Good thing too, because Sarah and Jack are now on the front porch. He thanks her for their date, but she reminds him she's a mom and she can't do stuff on a regular basis. Jack doesn't care. He wants to see her as much as he can. They kiss and Sarah tells him to brace himself and they go inside to find Adam and Ben... quietly watching TV. Claire (who is a total stranger to Sarah, remember) is sitting next to Ben on the couch, and I'm starting to think he hid in the bathroom because of his hideous pajamas. Are those polar bears on there? Adam snaps at Ben for being a baby. Sarah reminds Adam to be nice. Adam has a teenaged hissy fit and Jack stands there wondering what he's gotten himself into. Later Claire explains her presence to Sarah (Trevor didn't want to ruin the date) and that Ben peed his pants. Is he not way too big for that during waking hours, at least? I mean, he's in second grade, or so, yeah? Apparently, his Absentee Daddy Issues are to blame. There's psycho babble we don't care about, because it's only there to give Claire an excuse to be onscreen.

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