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Some Kind Of Agita

Just then, Riley walks. She calls Nick's name and he turns and they fall into each other's arms and kiss. Afterwards, she says, "That was some kiss there, Jo-King," because some people still might not have gotten the pun. "How are you going to top that, huh?" Nick caresses her face and says, "Marry me." When Riley laughs and stammers out a "Sorry, what?" Nick repeats his proposal. "Let's get married." She lets him know that when she told her dad she was staying and going back to Nick, he disowned her. "You're marrying a penniless Social Worker." Nick says, "That's a yes?" and we jump to...

City Hall (I guess): Newlyweds Nick and Riley emerge to smiles, cheers, and confetti. And Claire. She supposes this happy ending has cured Trevor of his self-doubt. He's not sure about that, since things didn't work out for Felix. "I'm thinking about going with the throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks theory." Claire asks if that's not what got him into trouble in the first place. "Random arrows?" Trevor pauses to consider, and Riley saves him from answering by running up and thanking Claire for being a good friend and for being "so right!" As she and her new husband leave to begin their new life together, Trevor lets what she said sink in. He turns to Claire. "Wait a minute, you were right. How were you..." Claire walks off with a smirk. Trevor follows behind saying, "I was right. I made this match. I'm not sharing credit on this." Claire enjoys rubbing in the fact that she did a "lot of heavy lifting." Their whatever is interrupted by Riley, who calls out Claire's name as she and Nick are getting into a car. When Claire turns, Riley throws her bouquet straight into... the hands of some random woman walking down the street, talking on her cell phone. Trevor's gut must tell him the woman is his next mark, because he's off in hot pursuit (just like the bride's pajamas).

This was a cute episode. The romance (and all its twists) was (were) predictable, but romances can be, and mystery is not usually the reason to watch one. It was sweet and the guest stars really worked it, and not just because they both looked good in their undies. And while I'm a little perturbed that Mary Stuart Masterson is playing the mother of the boyfriend of a character portrayed by a 30-year-old actress, it was great to see her again, and really, the whole Lita-Felix age difference doesn't make a lot of sense to me, anyhow. So? Handwave. Handwave. The show isn't exactly scoring in the ratings race, so it may not matter, but on the off-chance it survives, I hope Thomas and company have the sense to make the relationship between Claire and Trevor matter a little more. I'm still digging that Claire's not always all wrong, but the two are sorely lacking in heat. Some of that though is that all their stories really have little to do with them. I hope to see that improve. I also hope I never, ever have to think about Luis cheating on Maria for 40 years, ever again. See you next week, if there is one.

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