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Some Kind Of Agita

At a soup kitchen, an attractive young woman tries to serve quinoa to a guest who is unfamiliar with it. And I realize that although I've read about quinoa plenty of times, I've never heard it pronounced aloud until this very moment. KEEN-wah. Huh. It turns out the server's name is Riley Hanes, and she's a friend of Dr. Claire McRae's. Claire has finished seeing her clients at the center which houses the kitchen (she volunteers as counselor) so she offers to help with the meal, because Diane Ruggerio wants to show rather than tell us that Dr. Love has no love life. Trevor comes in and asks Riley why she's not off on her romantic evening with Kevin, who's getting on a plane for Africa in three hours. Claire wants to know who Kevin is, so Trevor explains that the international humanitarian is Riley's new squeeze. Another volunteer, Celia, adds helpfully, "You know, statue-of-David-ass Kevin?!" Claire is predictably (I know it's a new show, but still...) miffed that Trevor zoomed in on Riley (as a...client? a mark? whatever) the one and only time she came to Claire's singles group. Trevor ignores that and continues to play Cupid (which I guess he'd just think of as being himself) and hustles Riley out the door and to the museum fund-raiser to meet up with her beau.

On the way, we learn that to cap off their three week whirlwind courtship, Kevin wants Riley to accompany him to Africa. Trevor assures her that even though she's been burnt before, Kevin is the "real deal." We also learn from Riley that if you're Claire's friend, engaging in boy-talk with her is less than satisfying. "It's like trying to go to dinner with a Weight Watchers group leader." Heh. The two women then have A Moment and Claire learns that sometimes friends just need support rather than advice. So much learning! How long 'til April vacation?

In front of the museum, Trevor and Claire (who has come along for the ride, just as Riley's friend) watch as Kevin greets Riley with a big kiss. The moment is ruined when Eric Palladino jumps out and snaps their photo. IMDB and ABC's press release all give Palladino's character name as Mick, but I swear he introduces himself as Nick Kazarian (and that everyone else says Nick throughout the episode). He's a private detective from the Bowery Agency -- the "best detective in the tri-state area" so MNick the Dick it is. MNick the Dick gleefully reveals that he was hired by Kevin's WIFE two weeks ago. He leaves them with a "Cheerio," because Kevin's British. Riley is not British. She's just heartbroken and humiliated.

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