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Some Kind Of Agita

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While Riley stands forlorn on the museum steps, Claire and Trevor have a huge, public argument about how he could do something like this. She should probably carry his chart with her at all times, so she can have the details of his case at hand. She says, "If you'd stop and think, even for a millisecond..." Trevor doesn't let her finish, and I bless him for it. "I did pause to think this time -- which I never do. Something felt a little wonky. [...] It looked so good, on paper. You know what? Lesson learned. Obey the gut." Claire doesn't think that's at all the pertinent lesson, and they continue to bicker until poor Riley yells, "Will you get a room, already? God!" Because otherwise, we really probably wouldn't mistake whatever is going on between these two as chemistry. Seriously. It's like Veronica and Duncan. I hope that element improves, because without it, the show is sunk. Pixie dust.

Riley is particularly freaked that there are pictures of her kissing a married man somewhere out there in the world, so Trevor takes her to see MNick the Dick and beg for mercy. MNick knows she was an innocent bystander in all this, but he figures that's her fault for not noticing the telltale pale circle of flesh where Kevin's wedding band should have been. Riley can't believe MNick would let an innocent person be taken in by an adulterer like this, without warning them, because she has never heard of this new thing... how you say... detectiving.

The two bicker to show us that they have chemistry (and unlike Claire and Trevor, they actually do). Meanwhile, Trevor wanders MNick's office and notices that the screen saver on his P.C. is made up of footage of Riley. And we're all on the same page that that's extremely creepy, right? Good. Just checking. Trevor, who remember is a mental patient, thinks it's a sign of twu luv -- or at least instant attraction -- so he watches the argument with his bushy eyebrows raised and doesn't even bother to suppress his grin. At one point, MNick the Dick tells Riley to, "roll [her] little anger ball over to the guy who actually screwed [her] over." Riley says, "Yeah, I don't know what the hell an 'anger ball' is, but I want to throw it at you." And this makes Trevor steal the autographed baseball that's in a class cube on MNick's desk. He then tells them, "Can you two get a room, already?" Riley is understandably pissed at that. Trevor's point is that since MNick has already sent the jpegs to Kevin's wife, the pictures are out there, and there's nothing they can do about it. "Unless the two of you are enjoying yourselves." Nudge nudge. Commercial.

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