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Some Kind Of Agita

At the center (or wherever the soup kitchen lives), Claire apologizes to Riley for being less of a friend and more of a shrink. They discuss doing friend stuff, like maybe training for that half-marathon they're always talking about. My couch turns to me and says, "With friends like that, who needs enemies?" Quite right, faithful companion. In fact, to drive home your point, Claire says she'll be at Riley's the next morning at 6 o'clock. Ugh. "How rude," says my couch.

Tres Equis: Mira and Felix hit it off and have an impromptu vodka taste-off. And when Felix's sister Lita enters with her new boyfriend, Corey, we learn he is Mira's son. Everyone has a "whooooooooa, dude" moment and we jump to...

The Center: MNick shows up and receives about the welcome you'd expect from Riley. Thanks to Trevor, MNick thought Riley wanted him to come give her some tips on how to "stay away from bad apples." Riley's all nuh-uh, did not, but when MNick makes to leave, she calls him back. They sit and talk for hours, while Trevor (with Celia's help) hides out in the kitchen, shucking oysters and creating a mood. He sends in a table cloth supposedly donated from a restaurant; then later a candle supposedly made for Ms. Hanes by Jesse, one of the children at the center; and finally a sample of Blue Hill restaurant's "donation" of their entire cheese course. Riley and MNick are too into each other to realize they're being set up in such an obvious fashion, and good on them. But they both have "issues" with love and trust and, in the course of their discussion, MNick tells Riley that men will leave their wives and families in the pursuit of youth and beauty, while women are always in pursuit of wealthy, powerful men. They toast to their complete lack of faith in romance, and later, as Chino Maurice serenades them with "Going Out Of My Head" Riley learns that MNick was a cop (from a family of same) whose wife left him for his Captain. Nice. Riley and MNick close the place down and wander the town 'til dawn. At some point, they must have gone out and gotten waffles, because there's a lot of talk about that and food in general to set up MNick's offer to cook for Riley sometime. As they get to Riley's door, MNick notes that the same black Town Car has driven past them three times. Riley seems disturbed, and as though she already noticed, but tries to play it off like some angry husband is probably after MNick. They're just about to share their first kiss when Dr. No Feelgood shows up for that morning run, realizes what's going on, and says, "And now, I must kill Trevor." Sheeesh, Claire. Don't get a room. Get a job. My couch says, "I'm much more kiss-friendly. I'm just sayin'..."

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