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Some Kind Of Agita

MNick's Place: The prime rib (which I understand) and the salad (which I do not, unless it was already dressed) are "goners" after this long delay so the couple moves straight to dessert, and they even decide to skip that and get right to dessert-dessert. Nudge nudge wink wink.

Felix's Place: Felix and his doggies vie for Mira's attention, and Felix wins. Trevor, remember, rents a room from Felix, so he happens to walk in on them, but they're too busy making out to notice. Trevor retires to his space with a big smile.

MNick's Place: Riley and MNick are in his bed, basking in the afterglow, which would have turned into more fore-glow, if it weren't for the damned time. Since he was "surveilling" her he already has her phone number and she can count on him calling later. Once she leaves, MNick does us the favor of going to the window in his boxer shorts, but while we enjoy the MNice view, he's troubled by what he sees. The darned black Town Car is back, and although Riley tries to wave it off, it won't pull away, and so she ends up getting in it.

Tres Equis: Trevor teases Felix about his morning-after swagger, but Felix is a gentleman and doesn't want Trevor "sullying" his memory of the previous night. When Felix admits to really liking Mira, Trevor raises his hands and says, "Say it loud; say it proud. I believe in CUPID!" Felix won't go that far, but they agree there's a connection. Lita shows up to give Felix crap, because Corey is all upset that his mother did the walk of shame back home at 5:00 AM after a night with his own girlfriend's brother. And I'm tempted to rag on him here, but I'm short on time and I kind of get that the guy's worried about becoming his own grandpa. Besides, he never has a speaking line, so it seems dumb to pick on him. Lita also seems angry that she's been working on the RSVPs for their parents' 40th anniversary party. Mostly though, I think she's just mad because that's who she is. I'm going to leave her anger ball in Felix's court, because I find her wearying.

MNick calls to Trevor from across the bar. He's digging for dirt on Riley, who it seems has only existed for the past three years. Trevor offers possible explanations for this until MNick says that Riley's also got a thing for married men and shows him a picture of Riley embracing a Mr. Greyson Davis, whom MNick says "owns half of Boston." I live in the free half. MNick's heartbroken and disgusted, because it seems clear to him that Davis is Riley's Sugar Daddy. Trevor says, "You sound like one of those medical students who convinces himself he has leprosy." MNick allows that's possible, but adds, "Or maybe this time tomorrow, I'll have the money shot." And this was all very charming to watch, but I don't think it's very charming to read or write about, so you're going to get the telescoped version, here. MNick does some more surveillance work, and could not be more thrilled when he realizes that Greyson isn't Riley's Sugar Daddy. She's Priscilla Davis and Greyson is just her regular Daddy. Say it with me, Veronica Mars fans: "Who's your daddy?" It's a little less thrilling to MNick that her Dad wants her to have nothing to do with him, but he doesn't actually sweat it or anything.

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