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Some Kind Of Agita

Claire's Office: While MNick is still investigating Riley, Cupid suffers an identity crisis-of-confidence and talks to Claire, who is so not going to give him the help he needs if he's really Cupid, nor the help he wants if he's just delusional. When she half-heartedly tries to humor him, all he can add is, "Maybe I've lost my gift."

MNick's Bed: Again, Riley and MNick bask in the afterglow, but they're interrupted by a buzzer, which she assumes is heralding the arrival of their Chinese food delivery. Does this mean she's a floozy now that she's been vindicated? Oh, who cares? These two actors are totally pulling this story off, even though it's an exercise in tropes. Riley gets up to answer the door, wearing only a red cami and tap pants (or possibly boy shorts, the shot was too quick). MNick tries to stop her. "Whoa, you don't have a top on." She grabs a black blazer and puts it over the cami (which she's wearing over a black bra, so she's really not topless at all). She smiles and says, "So, you don't have pants on," and bounds off to answer the door. Not wearing... pants. And no, the tap pants don't count. They're way more in the underwear department than camisoles are, particularly when those camisoles are fitted and worn over a bra. Doesn't anyone own a pair of sweatpants, is all I want to know. MNick lies there stretching and giving us a lovely view of his pecs, but his happiness is short-lived. Riley returns to the room and says, "Nick..." In her hands she's holding, not Chinese food, but photographs. They're not in an envelope or anything, and yet we're to believe they were just delivered. This is so dumb, but it gets dumber, since these photos were delivered to a P.I. who is clearly down with digital photography, since he told us himself that he sent jpegs of Riley and Kevin to Kevin's wife. Oh, Diane and Rob. You're better than this. All you had to do to allow Riley to learn that Nick is still spying on her was to have her go to his computer to look up the number of a Chinese restaurant and see pictures of herself with her father. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. It doesn't matter much anyhow, though, because Riley, having been burned before and understanding Nick's past, can probably accept that spying is part of who he is. What she can't stand is him knowing that she's an heiress. She left Boston, her identity and Daddy behind so that she could find a guy who loved her for herself, not her trust fund. And so broken-hearted, and humiliated yet again, she leaves.

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