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Some Kind Of Agita

Nick's Office: Trevor shows up a step behind. He talked to Riley the day before and could tell she was lying about Greyson, and so assumes Nick's Sugar Daddy theory was right and apologizes. Nick gives Trevor the whole, real, true, sad story. Trevor's so relieved that his gut wasn't wrong that he yells, "In your face, Mount Olympus Disciplinary Tribunal!" He expresses a similar sentiment regarding Claire's advice, too. Nick doesn't notice all the crazy because he's too heartbroken, but Trevor doesn't notice the heartbreak until Nick beats him over the head with it. He calms down from his mania just enough to say, "But...wait. Nick Kazarian, P.I. What did you do?

Meanwhile, Riley's spilling the whole truth to Claire and tells her how her father set her up with a young V.P. from his company, who seemed tailor made for her. Right before their wedding, Riley discovered that her dad pretty much crafted "Chase" out of whole cloth. That's when she changed her name and moved to the Big Apple to live life on her own terms. After she confesses that she thought she saw a real sweetness in Nick, she gives Claire permission to speak and tell her how wrong she was, and to my delight, Claire does not. Instead, she says she saw the sweetness, too. That's the way to do it, Claire. Now don't put your friends on your couch again, please. My couch says, "Hey, easy there."

Nick's Office: Mr. Davis and his lawyer, Mr. Strathmore, enter prepared to make Nick an offer they think he can't refuse.

Tres Equis: Lita oversees the decorating for her parents' anniversary party. She's miserable to Trevor, and to Felix. The siblings snarl about how their respective love interests are coming to the family shindig and how that shows a commitment to their respective relationships and blah.

Outside Nick's Office: Riley approaches the building as Mr. Davis and his attorney leave. They take her into the Town Car, where Greyson shows her a video which makes it look as though Nick has accepted a $100,000 bribe to stay away from her. Riley is heartbroken and humiliated again. Again. Later, Riley calls Claire and cries to her. She's going back home to Boston, at least for a while.

Felix's Place: Mira shows up. She's not ready for the commitment inherent in attending a date's family function. She'd rather just meet him after the party, once his obligations are out of the way and he's all "liquored up." Felix's lips smile, but his eyes are full of regret.

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