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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Claire and Trevor look around Coney Island for Dave. It's time for Trevor to take him to that club in Brooklyn. Claire cautions him to adjust his expectations and he mocks her "Mortal think." We then cut to Dave and Maddie on the Wheel. Apparently, Dave's afraid of heights. He expected a kiddie ride. So, he's blind? Why didn't they say so?! Talk about publicity. Blind musician leaves native Ireland for a the hard-scrabble life of a busker in New York City, and the love of his life he's only known for 20 minutes, makes his way around with neither guide dog nor cane, and gives a miraculously accurate description of her looks to a sketch artist. Film at 11! And by the way, Dave is filming all this on his cell phone. Madelyn takes his hand as a show of support, and then she makes out with him for even more support. Claire spies them and says, "Chalk one up for mortal think." Commercial.

Cab to Brooklyn: Madelyn's not there. Claire listens as Trevor asks Dave hostile questions about his smoochies with Madelyn, like if she threw herself at him. Claire tries to get Dave to realize that he's now got feelings for a real flesh and blood woman, instead this fantasy girl he's made the not-much-longer elusive Holly out to be, and we cut to the line outside the Brooklyn club. Trevor tries to keep Claire and Dave on task (Holly) but their conversation keeps wandering (to Madelyn). Trevor finally approaches the bouncer with a fake story about Dave leaving his credit card in the bar the night before, so Dave can get inside. The bouncer lets him in, and we jump to...

The New York Post: Madelyn is struggling to finish her Dave human-interest story. She's having almost as much trouble wrapping it up as I'm having wrapping up this wee(ha)cap. But unlike me, Madelyn doesn't have to pick up her kid from the Community Center an hour earlier than expected, field calls from the school nurse (possible food allergy scare; everything's okay), the Girl Scout leader (possible hurt feelings), and a visit from her mother (debriefing me on meeting with healthcare providers on when post-surgical aunt can return home). Sorry, my stuff. I'll be right back, with way less whining.

Outside the club, Trevor and Claire bicker about the meaning of love or something. Anyhow, Trevor reminds her that he only gets credit for a love match if it's true love - "the kind of love you'd cross oceans to find.... Romeo and Juliet counts. Romeo and the Coat Check Girl, doesn't." Is anyone else suddenly overcome with the desire to walk up to Trevor and say, "Haaaaaaaaaave you met Ted?" She shakes her head, but before she can argue back, Dave comes out and announces he had no luck finding Holly. Trevor says it's time for Plan B, and we jump to...

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