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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Daytime; Tres Equis: Trevor has rented a P.A. on Felix's dime. He's going to put on a big show in Felix's Club, and all he gives Felix for an explanation is a copy of Madelyn's story about Dave in the New York Post. Trevor trots off and Lita tells Felix, "You should fire him." She's trying to figure out what it is with Felix and strays (oh so that's whyfor we had the cute doggies). I'm just trying to figure out why Trevor rented a P.A. system for a show in a club that already has ample amplification for Karaoke - Mariachi Karaoke, even.

Medical Center: Hearing Room: Claire's sitting through an unrelated-to-Trevor competency hearing, when she finally (and literally) sees the writing on the wall, that is:


I hope I did my HTML coding well enough to convey that the quote is broken into two lines on the wall, so "TREMOR" is above "PIERCED." Claire remembers "Trevor" giving that name at his own competency hearing, and she figures it out, which we can tell by her wry, what-a-dickens smile.

Nighttime; Madelyn's Place: She tries on some cute dresses and then settles on a butt-ugly one that looks like a camouflage maternity sundress. Am I right?

Tres Equis: Tonight, the marquee reads XXX Cantina XXX TONIGHT ONLY -- DAVE O'LEARY -- HOLLY'S DRINK FREE. Inside Dave's got the adorability, and the guitar and the voice. Lita and Felix are pleased with the turn-out, and he needles her about her earlier request to fire Trevor. Claire flirts with Madelyn and tells her "You sure clean up, nice," because you know... um... in all her other scenes she looked like she came back from a hard day at the coal mine? Rob, don't give Claire any more chemistry with Madelyn than she already has, or you're going to end up with a whole different show. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyhow, Madelyn doesn't spit back the whole doctor-patient boundaries spiel Claire gave to Trevor, which would have been cool. Instead she just asks if she's being stupid. "He's in love with someone else." Claire just assures her she's being proactive. Trevor brings the women some drinks on the house, and instead of saying, "Thank you," Claire says, "Well, if it isn't Tremor Pierced!" In italics. Just like that. He scowls and hustles off. Madelyn swoons over Dave, who finishes up his song and then dedicates the next. "This next song I learnt especially for tonight, and it goes out to somebody who's spectacularly uncool..." Maddie grins and hits Claire on the arm and neither woman can contain her glee. Dave continues, "But um... that's what I dig about her." And he breaks into Hall and Oates "You Make My Dreams Come True." Madelyn confides in Claire. "A couple of days ago, I felt sorry for the girl on the Times Square Sign." Really? I mean, I can see it not actually winning you over if the guy weren't up to the task, you felt sorry for her? Huh. She continues: "And now I am jealous of her." Claire tells her not to be, and that Dave's only in love with the idea of Holly.

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