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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Just as the crowd starts to sing along at the refrain, a pretty girl walks to the front of the dance floor and stares at Dave. The music stops. Dave says, "Holly?!" The girl smiles. Dave hops off the stage and walks up to her. He tries to smile and says, "I knew I'd find ya." Maybe so, but he's distinctly lacking in joy. The crowd applauds. Dave and Holly embrace. Trevor cheers. Madelyn takes it all in, and wearing her broken heart on her sleeveless arm, hustles out of the club. She totally should have worn one of the other dresses. Claire wears a face that simultaneously betrays her sympathy for Madelyn and her satisfaction that she was right. Trevor wakes up to the fact that maybe Madelyn actually has feelings, too. Oh, wait, I was giving him too much credit. He only stops her to remind her she got her story. Maddie says, "I didn't want to be the girl who got the story this time, Trevor. I wanted to be the girl that got the song. And I was this close.... I tried being bold, Trevor. I should have stuck with being smart." Stew on that, love god.

Trevor's Room: He eyeballs his billiards tally string thing, grabs a duffel and heads out. He meets up with Dave and Holly at the diner where Dave once sat with Madelyn. Dave introduces him. "This is the guy responsible for twisting the fabric of space and time and getting us back together." Holly swivels to face him. "You're a regular Cupid, huh?" Trevor takes the stool next to hers and smiles. "Who told you?" When Dave starts discussing first date options, Trevor tries to push them toward the red-eye to Vegas and a wedding chapel. Dave was thinking movie. Holly suggests dinner, too. Dave proposes a carriage ride in the park. Holly smiles, right before she laughs at him. "Oh my God, you were serious! I'm sorry. Jaded New Yorker..." blah blah blah too cool for Dave school cakes. Maddie, where are you?

Trevor changes the subject and asks Holly her reaction when she first saw Dave's picture and the story in the Post. "My first reaction? Who is this guy?" Dave drops his gaze to the counter. Holly then says that her sister called and reminded. "I guess I'd sent her an e-mail that said 'Finally met a cool guy in Ireland. Too bad it was my last day'. You're that cool guy." Dave's voice is low. "Oh, well, cool's not everything." Trevor's grin disappears.

Daytime; Claire's Office, or Home, or Some Place With a Dart Board that Is Not Tres Equis: Claire tries the over-the-shoulder dart trick, using a compact mirror instead of a glass of water, but she's lucky the shot hits the board. Don't take it so hard, Claire. You haven't been shooting pointy stuff since the dawn of time. Her phone rings. It's Trevor, who confesses that he thinks he screwed up, and he needs her help fixing it. She asks what he had in mind. He says, "That picture in your office. It was taken from your building, right?" And we cut to...

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