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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Madelyn's Office: Trevor is sitting in her chair with his feet up on her desk when she walks in. He knows she's there without turning around, and so he says, "Baklava. You and me. I've been investigating. I know where we can find the best in the city." And we sideways slide to the NYC streets. Trevor is droning on about baklava and the history of Cyprus, and the Greek/Turkish conflict. Madelyn looks like she just got diagnosed with cancer of the puppy (a description I thought we'd find here but it isn't, so no, I'm not sure why I linked it anyhow). Trevor ignores this and whistles for a cab. Next they're in an elevator, and he's explaining that syrup doesn't belong on baklava. It's got to be honey. No shit, Sherlock. Do they do syrup some places? That's not right. The elevator dings and we cut to a rooftop. They enter (or I guess exit to it) through a door. It seems dark and abandoned. Trevor says, "Well, they said it was al fresco." If I were Madelyn, I'd be so creeped out. Has she not picked up on the fact that he's one of Claire's patients? Who's recruiting reporters over at The Post? Madelyn, relying on her keen observational skills, points out it's not a restaurant, but Trevor says, "I what-do-you-call-it Google Maps-ed it." Oh, well, if you read it on the internet, it must be true. He leaves her in search of "a manager" for this non-existent restaurant.

Madelyn stands alone and forlorn, when suddenly, the lights come on -- strings of patio-style lights are draped here and there and man, the place sure does look pretty (if not postcard pretty). Dave, who's even prettier, comes out with his pretty guitar playing and singing the pretty "A Song For You" for his pretty Madelyn, and doing so every bit as prettily as his prettiness -- and hers -- deserves. Pretty! He looks up over her head, so she turns around to see that the cell phone movie he took of them on Demian's Coney Island Wonder Wheel is being projected on the side of the building, thanks to Felix's someday-antique projector. Did he really record them making out on a ferris wheel? That's kind of tacky. I'm going to decide that he just forgot to shut it off before their hand-holding turned all smoochy, and the cell phone was just lying at the right angle to pick up all the action. He resumes his singing and Madelyn turns around just as the Tres Equis Mariachi Band comes out behind Dave. And of course a song called "A Song For You" contains the line, "I'm singing this song for you," which is totally what Madelyn wanted this time, instead of a story. Say it with me, now: Awwwww. Ow! I think I have a toothache. Let me take another bite of this sweet baklava to make sure. NNNNNruumph. A little bit, yeah. But I'll worry about that, later. Mmmm. Honey.

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