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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Although the Mariachi band continues to play, Dave stops, and confesses that he was such an idiot. Maddie smiles brightly through her tears. "Yeah, you were." They kiss. Claire looks on all sad and somber. Maybe she really did have the hots for Madelyn. Dave and Madelyn start to dance, while Claire and Trevor exchange smiles, but hers turns into that eye-rolly-you-incorrigible-god-of-love thing that you do, and she shakes her head at him. The camera zooms out to afford us a good look at the nighttime New York City skyline, and it's easy to understand why Trevor mistook Claire's photo for a postcard. We jump to...

Claire's Computer: At which she's doing her best imitation of a [Veronica Mars Voice Over + a Doogie Howser Computer Diary Entry]: Cupid: A Case Study by Dr. Claire McRae. She narrates over a montage of Dave and Maddie happily in love: Certainly, there was no magic bow and arrow, but Trevor created a romantic scenario that witnesses would describe as 'magical'. Case books are full of stories about soldiers who have seen so much suffering on the battlefield that they only way they can cope is to convince themselves they're Jesus Christ. The delusions serve to protect these soldiers' fragile minds. I believe my mystery patient who calls himself Trevor Pierce has experienced no less a tragedy. The key to dispelling the delusion, therefore, is to learn the cause, treat the heartbreak, and allow this cupid to find his Psyche.

Dave walks out of Claire's montage and down the street, guitar case in hand, heart full of love. As he arrives at a door, a car pulls up. Two men exit. One calls out, "Dave O'Leary?" Dave turns. The man identifies himself as Agent Morris, "Immigration and Customs Enforcer." Seriously, is that a title? Oh man, we should call the TWoP Mods enforcers. They've already got cop names. Morris says, "I'm afraid I'm going to need you to come with me." Dave's smile fades. He looks like he wants to run, but he doesn't. Morris adds, "Nice story about you in the paper, by the way." And for a second, I thought the episode ended there, because that's exactly the note on which Thomas would have ended (and typically did) a more romantic episode of Veronica Mars. No carrot -- just the stick. But it's not Veronica Mars so let's keep going, since they do.

Tres Equis: Trevor shows up at work, where Felix informs him that Dave called and left a message that he's being deported back to Dublin. Trevor leaves the bar before Felix can finish, but he does manage to say, "You might want to get a cell phone." Hee. In his room, Trevor checks on his billiards tally string thing, and is sad to see all one hundred beads are still slid all the way over to the left hand side. Pixie dust.

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