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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Times Square on New Year's Eve; Top of the "2009 HAPPY NEW YEAR" sign: An adorable Irish guy (played by Sean Maguire) that I'm going to call Dave because we'll soon learn that's his character's name, works with Bobby Cannavale's Cupid to rearrange the bulbs in the sign that shines over the New Year's ball in Times Square (the one you watch drop during the countdown, not a dance or anything). When Dave wonders whether their caper will impress Holly or drive her into the witness protection program, Cupid assures him it will leave her weak in the knees. Whatever, the two men can agree it will "Blow Holly's mind." They finish up just before midnight; the ball drops, and once lit up, the sign reads, "2009 -- Holly I'm here." And we cut to...

Dr. Claire McRae's Apartment: Sarah Paulson's McRae is lying on her couch, watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve or whatever airs on ABC that night, when she notices the changes to the Happy New Year sign. She literally sits up and takes notice as the voice from her TV explains that someone has "pulled quite a prank, tonight. Holly, wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope you're impressed. Someone is looking for you." Claire, is not just a psychiatrist, but a psychiatrist who talks to herself or at least her TV, so she says, "Oh, you'd better run, girlfriend."

Times Square: Cupid stands over the edge of the platform and revels in the crowd's reaction. The camera zooms out to reveal a levitating leprechaun. What the hell, Rob?! Do you just not want a show to succeed? I've got to see that again, because I didn't catch a word the levitating leprechaun was saying on account of the fact that I was completely GOBSMACKED to see a levitating leprechaun. Let me rewind. Oh, duh. Apparently that was an unintentional sight gag. See, Cannavale's a tall man, and after lingering on him for a moment, the camera zooms out so we can see not only his Cupid, but Maguire's Dave. The problem is, Dave is several feet behind Cupid, AND he's on a higher platform, AND he's crouching, AND he's working the Irish brogue, so when he started talking... Never mind. (You saw that too, right?)

Anyhow, Dave's worried because the cops are on the way to apprehend the New Year's sign vandals, but Cupid's thrilled. He wants Dave to get caught and arrested, because then he'll get interviewed. "You can't buy the kind of publicity, Dave." Dave points out that he's in the States on an expired visa, so he'll be getting more deportation than publicity. Cupid wishes Dave had told him about the visa issue, and Dave wishes Cupid had told him about the whole arrest plan; he thought he'd just take credit in a personal's ad. Cupid offers to take the fall for him and then tell his story, so Dave hides and Cupid greets the approaching cops with a hearty, "Hey, Happy New Year, Officers!" We see different shots of New York City in different light,'s decorated of pixie dust and we jump to

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