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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Tres Equis: Two group members are singing a Mariachi Karaoke version of Pat Benetar's "Love Is A Battlefield," that might be worth the price of admission, and those six dollar Margaritas. Madelyn's set to sing a duet with another group member, Jimmy, but once Trevor learns she's a reporter from the Post, he wants her to meet up with Dave, in hopes that she'll do a story about him, and give his Holly-quest some more publicity, so he traps Jimmy in the men's room. And when Madelyn and Jimmy's names are called (to sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart") she ends up alone on the stage. Trevor then sends Dave to her rescue. Aren't you just shocked?

Claire walks into the bar about then and greets some of her patients or fans or whatever they are. Jimmy busts his way out of the bathroom, just at the end of the song, and Lita announces that there will be Mariachi there again, next Tuesday. Behind the bar, Trevor offers Claire innuendo laden drinks ("Sex on the Beach" and "Screaming Orgasm") and then just a flat out, crass come-on ("After-hours grope on a lunatic's futon") and tells her to "think about it." Claire then tries to make gossipy small talk with Madelyn about Dave's Holly story, but is soon interrupted by Dave. They're leaving at Trevor's suggestion, so that Madelyn can do a story on Dave. Is that what you kids are calling it? And was it just me, or did Claire have more chemistry with Madelyn than she does with Trevor? That's not a gay crack by any means, just an observation. I mean, her eyes were all teary like Madelyn was breaking her heart, there. Commercial.

After the club clears out, Claire gives Trevor a hard time for playing into Dave's fantasies. Lita is eavesdropping and between the two of them, they say enough for her to realize that Trevor thinks he is Cupid. The best line in the scene is when Claire tells Trevor he doesn't have followers. He says, "Then how come there's a Temple of Eros in Chelsea?" When Claire tells him "they sell trashy lingerie," Trevor says, "Of course they do. That's one of the sacraments!" She wants to know what's next on Trevor's agenda for Dave, so he tells her about the D.J. that Holly told Dave she likes. Um. Okay. He's only spins a couple of times a year and is going to be at a Brooklyn club the next night, so that will be their next stop on Quest-Holly. He then stands with his back to the dartboard and looks at its reflection in the glass of water he's holding, and hurls the dart over his shoulder, straight into the bull's-eye. He turns to Claire. "What are the odds?" which makes me want to tell you a story about my husband, but not as much as I want to put this no-longer-wee cap to bed, so perhaps another time. Claire sputters that it's a parlor trick and then insists upon accompanying Trevor and Dave tomorrow to "Make sure you are no harm to others, like I promised the hospital board." That overly literal interpretation of her duties is already driving me nuts. I hope they drop it, soon. We cut to...

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