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Hold Me Closer, Closet Boxer

Claire's Apartment: Claire arrives home to find Liv carrying a big pasta bowl to the table. "The plus side of you being so regimented is I know exactly when you're going to be home." Claire is surprised her mom made dinner -- and one that doesn't require her to sit on the floor and eat lentils with her fingers. Liv had planned to make Ethiopian, but, "Trevor was right again." This is the longest hour of TV I can recall watching. Ever. Claire's all, Trevor?!?!?!?! He pops the cork out of a bottle of wine and walks into the room. Claire asks him what he's doing there. He says, "Classing up the joint." Heh. Trevor cheered Liv up after Claire was so harsh with her, so she invited him to dinner.

Claire tells her mother that she spoke to Hector and he's moving out. Liv wants to know how Hector reacted. "He feels things so deeply." Claire searches Trevor's face for some indication of how she should answer. "He was...torn up. It's obvious he still loves you." Trevor smiles in approval, while Liv's smile comes more from a place of pathetic relief. Claire adds, "But he did say there's nothing he wants more than for you to be happy." Liv says, "See Claire, that's love." Trevor says, "Claire's slow, but she catches on. She knows what love is. I've never been more sure of it than right this instant." Because she lied to her mother? There are other ways to smooth things over without lying like that. Liv's cell phone rings. If it's Hector, it will serve both Claire and Trevor right. Whoever it is has her giggling like a school girl. "Are you kidding? I'll be there in 20 minutes. You can wait that long! Oh!" Claire looks forlorn. Liv says, "Derek would like to meet for a drink. You don't mind, do you? He's like a young Raoul Julia, with these dark, liquid eyes that make you feel like you've stared into them in another lifetime. It was an INSTANT connection." Claire flips through her mail and does her best to mind her own business, and Trevor is not sucked in by Liv's claptrap about instant connections. She leaves, promising that she might bring him back to Claire's for dessert. I don't want to think about what Liv could mean by dessert so let's move forward.

After Liv is out the door, Trevor asks, "What happened to wanting your mom to know the truth?" Claire is trying to accept that "this is the truth to her. This is who she is." Trevor's subdued. He nods his head and looks at the table before him and grabs a bottle. "You want wine with dinner, or..." Claire interrupts to tell him he's not staying. Trevor tells her she's a "terrible hostess," but she coldly bids him goodnight. He puts the wine bottle down. "But you're a great daughter." Claire softly thanks him for that and then joins him at the table. "So Trevor, how was your day?" She dishes out spaghetti for both of them while he says, "Yeah. It was my kind of day." He pours the wine and they make small talk we really can't hear over the music, and then the best thing happens in the whole hour. It ends! HOORAY!

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