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Hold Me Closer, Closet Boxer

Time passes. I guess. Clint and Hallie have been together for a while and yet (as Trevor complains to Felix) the bead on his billiards tally hasn't moved. Felix has a solution. He moves it. But Trevor moves it back because the gods have to do it or it doesn't count. Felix then suggests that maybe Clint and Hallie have to leave their new-couple cocoon and prove that their love can survive in the real world.

At the gym, Hallie interviews a kid who talks about what a big difference Clint and his gym have made in his life. They're off to dinner, but Hallie says they have to stop by Tres Equis to pick up one of Marshall's school books. "Should I worry that my son hangs out at a bar?" Um. Yes.

Tres Equis: There's no book waiting for Hallie, just another ruse, and its premise is a surprise party for Hallie's birthday, but her birthday is six weeks off. The real purpose is to rip Hallie and Clint from their little cocoon, throw them in with all their family and friends and old acquaintances, to see if their match is made of the stuff that moves beads. It isn't. She hates his tighty whitey righty brothers. He hates her loony liberal friends. I don't blame either of them for that, but they're being so ridiculous with one another that I don't think either should be allowed to date each other or anyone else, ever again.

Hallie's at work when Marshall's school calls because Marshall hit another kid. When Hallie goes to pick him up, she reminds him that you talk it out or tattle to a teacher. Marshall says that doesn't work and, "Clint's way was a lot more satisfying. [...] He told me if the kid kept it up, to put his ass on the ground. That's what I did." Hallie goes to see Clint at the gym and calls him out on telling her son to hit another child. Clint says, "Child? The kid Marshall clocked has a beard." Hallie's right (but completely unlikeable) when she reminds him that she's Marshall's parent and none of this is Clint's place. And of course the bigger issue neither adult touches on is the fact that regardless of whether you approve of your child silencing a bully with physical force, you absolutely do not want him to fight at school, because schools will not and cannot put up with that crap, regardless of who started it or who deserves it. Marshall should have, at least, been bright enough to get the kid after school. Clint should have, at least, been bright enough to remind him of that. I'm just saying. Anyhow, the couple resorts to slinging political stereotypes at each other, and then they break up. Marshall and Trevor watch in horror as Hallie storms off.

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