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Hold Me Closer, Closet Boxer

Trevor advises Marshall to consider the "nuclear option" i.e. telling Hallie that Clint is his bio-dad. Marshall's pretty sure his mother will not handle that well. Trevor says, "Don't you get it? That thing they care more passionately about than politics? It ain't wine, pal. It's you." Hallie ends their brainstorming, when she yells for Marshall to follow her out of the gym. Pixie dust.

The next day, Hallie arrives home to find Marshall still giving her the silent treatment, because she'll no longer allow him to box. She tries to joke him out of it, but he's an adolescent; he's got more snit-stamina that she's giving him credit for. He walks away from her and into his room. She nearly pleads for him to say something, anything, and so he does. "I think Dick Cheney gets a bad wrap." Hallie's brain explodes and she dies. Or possibly? We jump to...

Claire's Office: She's having a session with a Mr. Roberts. She tells him he is bald, not invisible. So of course this guy's session gets interrupted and Claire treats him like he doesn't exist. Liv's there to tell Claire she stole Hector's umbrella. And Trevor rushes in to complain that the thing about bartenders/bar owners giving sage advice is a myth because Felix's cocoon-ripping advice bombed. Mr. Roberts has no reason to think he's not invisible, so he starts creeping down the corridor, but Claire's secretary Josie (My Girl Anna Chlumsky) sees him, clears her throat, and Claire catches on, tells him she can see him and calls him back. In probably the funniest gag of the night, Trevor turns his head this way and that way, and acts like he can't "see" invisible guy. He says, "Mr. Roberts is here? Where? Wherever you are buddy, I miss you and all the other boys on the B Wing!" Both guys pump their fists in the air. And in between there was a lot of delusional romantic silliness from Liv about Hector, which Claire thinks is nonsense, Trevor thinks is beautiful, and made me want to hurl so I'm not transcribing it. The point is, Liv's coming around to thinking things should be over between her and Hector, because "he is a junkie and [she is] the drug," but not so much to the point that she sees she has the right to live in her own apartment. Claire gives everyone a bitchy but apt dose of reality and tells her mother she'll handle things with Hector. "Just like we both knew I eventually would." So she's a reaction to her flighty mother. Do you get it? Are you sure? Maybe you need to see some more. What's that? You're too busy trying to accept Liv's anvillicious comment to Trevor that he really makes her daughter crazy, and that we're supposed to see that as chemistry? Okay, then I'll give you a pass.

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