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Hold Me Closer, Closet Boxer

Liv's apartment is a mess. There are wine glasses, pizza boxes and a bunch of things cluttering up the place, including Hector, who's sleeping on the couch. He has the stereo on, and is wearing headphones on his ears, so he doesn't hear Claire and Trevor enter. When Hector's young floozy enters the room wearing just her undies and an open robe, Trevor takes offense on Liv's behalf, blasts the stereo's volume and startles Hector awake. Claire tells him to get out or she'll call the cops. The expression on Trevor's face would make Mars so proud.

Clint goes to see Hallie at PSB. Mostly what he's feeling "is joy." He would like to continue seeing Marshall, but he'd also like to take another chance with Hallie. She points out that it would break Marshall's heart if they tried again and failed. Clint says he tries to teach the kids at the gym, "That nothing worth having comes easy." He tells her of Marshall's determination when he was first training and losing weight, and then says of their romance, "We got hit and we just threw in the towel. We owe Marshall some real effort. Does it really matter who we vote for?" He's getting to her, but then the phone rings. It's Marshall's school. Marshall got into another fight and hit a kid so hard he required stitches. Hallie is furious. "You know, this is not who my son was before he met you, Clint, so let me be very clear. There is no chance you and I are going to happen, and as far as you seeing Marshall again? I'm not sure your influence has been good for him." She sure doesn't pull any punches. I'm just saying. We cut to...

Marshall's School: As Claire and Marshall walk down the hall, she lays down the law about fighting. When they pass the boy Marshall hit, the kid's dad says, "That's the fairy who beat you up?" Hallie turns on her heels and calls the guy on his manners. The father continues browbeating his kid. "If he could do this to you, maybe he's not the only one who's gay." Hallie says, "Not that it even matters, but my son isn't gay." The father looks at her like oh yeah? The kid looks at her like oh yeah? She turns back to Marshall -- who looks at her like Oh. Um. Yeah. Commercial.

In the locker room, Marshall apologizes for not telling his mother sooner, but can't believe it never crossed her mind that he was gay. She admits that it did, then says, "You know I will love and support you no matter what, right?" They get to his locker. Hallie can't miss seeing the "QUEER" that is scrawled on it, in thick black magic marker. Marshall tries to make a joke about how since she's so liberal, his sexuality is probably "a badge of honor," but it just comes out sad. Hallie says that she still doesn't like the boxing and fights, but now she understands. Marshall replies, "Clint says it just takes a couple of fights and they'll stop messing with me. I'm 2 and 0." Hallie is gobsmacked to learn tighty whitey righty Clint has known for some time that her son was gay and maybe even more gobsmacked to learn he was "great about it." Hallie's eyes fill with tears. Marshall doesn't understand and asks her if she's mad. She says, "Yeah, at myself. I have made a terrible mistake." She exhales sharply and we cut to...

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