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Isn't It Ironic?

Cab: Trevor and Paula talk as she tries unsuccessfully to reach him on her cell phone. She starts to doubt him, but Trevor talks her down. Their cab has a TV in the back. Do they do that, now? [They do, and it is next to impossible to get the volume down on them. -- AC] It's been a long time since I've taken a cab. The news comes on and the anchorwoman announces that the diamonds have mysteriously reappeared in their case at the museum. Paula's thrilled, until Tommy's face flashes on the screen and we learn that he's been arrested for the original heist. Commercial.

Paula goes to see Tommy at the precinct lock-up or whatever. It's not clear and I'm not a big jail girl. She gives him a big, extra tongue-y kiss that seems to surprise him, but not in a sexy way. The cop on duty slams his hand down on the table that separates the couple and yells, "No touching!" She tells Tommy that Sonya's trying to get a reduced sentence by fingering him, and the museum wants him prosecuted for breaking and entering, because they're embarrassed. Paula then says, "Now for the hard part. I've been giving this a lot of thought and I love you, Tommy, and I really hope things work out for you, but I just can't. I'm sorry. She leaves in a hurry." Tommy never opens his mouth. And we cut to...

The Back of a Paddy Wagon: All the orange-jump-suit wearing guys are cuffed and chained together. No, this is not more HoYay, people. Keep in your pants, okay? Tommy works a key or pick out of his mouth, frees himself, and tells the other guys, "Send my regrets to the folks at county." And we cut to...

Tres Equis: The NYPD shows up. Trevor was mentioned in a parole report as one of Tommy's acquaintances. They want to know if he's contacted Trevor, recently. Trevor smirks. "From jail?" The detective says, "Actually, that's why I'm here." And we cut to...

Paula's Building: Charlie says she's gone, "just gone" and asked him to give Trevor back the iPod and speakers. Trevor's hurt that there's no note, goodbye or thank you. Charlie can only say that she seemed to be in a hurry. And we cut to...

The Mean Streets: Trevor complains to Claire that matching people by hand is such a thankless job. She reminds him that he's "missing the big picture. They're fugitives." When she notices it's started to rain, Trevor pulls out a red umbrella, just like the one her first rock had. He says the gods gave him a heads up about the weather. "Zeus is off his meds, again." Claire keeps staring at the umbrella, in case we missed that it was just like the one in her photo, while she wonders what kind of life Paula and Tommy can have if they're on the run. Predictably, Trevor chides her on having no sense of romance. Claire says, "Maybe I just need a little inspiration." Sheesh, it couldn't hurt. "Maybe, if I were to hear a tale of enchantment and woe from the god of love himself..." Oh, Claire. You've already cornered the woe-market, honey. Trevor knows she won't quit until he tells her about himself. She waits expectantly, but then they both spy their reflection in a mirror (which is in a mirror shop window).

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