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Isn't It Ironic?

Claire narrates: Once I saw our reflection, I realized a line had been crossed. I was letting him become my "rock." The narration ends and Claire tells Trevor they need to pick this up tomorrow. In her office. She her bold, dark lines? Trevor protests -- saying she's really starting to reach him. Claire is firm, though. She thanks him for helping her through her mini-crisis, but she needs to take it from here. She walks off alone, so she can narrate, some more: Perhaps Trevor would have produced a story with a grain of truth in it. But our relationship had moved beyond the bounds of psychiatrist and patient. And although Trevor's feelings were hurt, he has an astonishing capacity to bounce back. [You're telling me. I thought this show was gone after episode three. And yet Pushing Daisies was cancelled by this very same network. There's no justice in this world.]

Tres Equis: Felix examines his iPod and wonders what the "Elevator Tunes" and "Goodbye Trevor" play lists are all about. Trevor cops to loading "Elevator Tunes," but wants to hear "Goodbye Trevor." He takes the iPod, and we cut to...

Claire Doing the Doogie Howser: She narrates some more as she types. For every rule there's an exception that proves it. And perhaps Tommy Brown and Paula Torres are the exception here. [We cut to a scene of Tommy and Paula lounging on a beach at sunset, holding hands.] Trevor believes they're on the run somewhere, blissed-out and in love. Crossing the line may have worked for them. I still maintain it doesn't work for most. It doesn't change the central fact about that line. Once you've crossed it, there's no coming back. Er...from paradise, apparently.

Tres Equis: "If Not For You" plays on Felix's iPod and brings the smile back to the bounce-backable Trevor. He spots a pretty blonde with her back to a young guy at the bar, loads an olive onto some implement, and uses it like a slingshot, or perhaps a bow and arrow, yeah? The olive hits the young woman in the shoulder. She gasps and turns towards the man next to her. Trevor apologizes and turns away and the new couple-to-be introduces themselves. Trevor happily mops up the bar and we fade to the show logo and then to the Slave Rats.

You know, I don't even know what to say. I'm just so disappointed by this show. I wanted to love it. Angel Cohn speaks pretty much exactly for me in her blog entry from last week. Only I can't even watch Party Down, because we don't get Starz.

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