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Isn't It Ironic?

Trevor arrives when the cops are just finishing up with Claire. Adam Kaufman, who made his biggest impression on my TV-loving heart when he played Parker "Poophead" Abrams on Buffy the Vampire Slayer has worked for Rob Thomas before, as Andre from Veronica Mars. Kaufman's a pretty man and a solid actor, and he's been getting ink here at TWoP since he was Gayoda on Dawson's Creek (which Thomas also worked on). Clearly, Kaufman is going to be Trevor's John-of-the-Week. But after what he did to my girl Buffy, man, I'm going to have a hard time rooting for him. Right now, I don't have to. He's just Tommy Brown, locksmith, and he's fixing Claire's lock. Unfortunately, that is not a euphemism, because I do think she's got something stuck somewhere. Oh and I keep meaning to mention the episode title. The Tommy Brown Affair, get it? Yeah. Somewhere, Steve McQueen, is rolling over in his grave and if Pierce Brosnan tried to watch this (and in my fantasy, he didn't), he's probably rolling over in his bed (I won't go into any further fantasy here and now). Anyhow, Claire's trying to shoo Trevor away since she's all set and wants him to respect these boundaries she's never really set or acknowledged, herself. But then Tommy drops a tool, startles Claire, and she grabs onto Trevor's arm and says he can stay and help her clean up. Oooh, can he? You're so... yeah, I can't sell that.

They start cleaning up in Claire's bedroom, because Cannavale's working hard to convince us there's chemistry between Trevor and Claire and so Claire can sleep more easily, tonight. He blathers on about parties on Mount Olympus, and uses her stuffed animal (a lamb) to imply her bedroom has seen the wild times we know it couldn't have. When he starts fingering the red thong lying on her bed, Claire exiles Trevor to the living room. I don't blame her, but yawn. I saw that coming before they left the living room. Besides, he's only been exiled so he can learn Tommy's story. Tommy's on the phone swearing to someone that he's really at work and not lying. He hands Trevor the phone so that he can convince the total stranger on the other end that Tommy really is working. Ladies, would you buy that? Yeah, me neither. When the stranger tells Trevor to pass on her threat to wear Tommy's ass as a hat if he's not telling the truth, and then hangs up, Trevor can't resist pumping Tommy -- for information, you pervs (the HoYay comes later). Tommy's got a thing for this woman, but he says it wasn't meant to be. Trevor says love is always meant to be. I look at my pillow and declare my deepest devotion with my eyes, but our love is not to be. Yet. But just you wait.

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