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Isn't It Ironic?

Tommy, still pessimistic, has finished the job, so he leaves. Lucky duck. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Claire looks at Trevor's mix CD, "Trevor's Deep Feelings" and pops it into her player. I don't recognize the song playing and don't love the show enough to Google it. It's some woman singing that she's horny, "horny horny horny" but it is no "Me So Horny" -- let me tell ya. Trevor moonwalks past Claire's bedroom door. She makes this movement with her face that could be a smile, could be a grimace, or could indicate a toothache or constipation. Pixie dust.

Tres Equis -- Shirley Rumierk, who you might have caught on Ugly Betty enters the bar. Other media outlets are reporting her character's name is Paula Travato, but at TWoP we actually watch the episodes we write about and the character's name is Paula Torres. She's there to check on Tommy Brown's whereabouts. Trevor figures she and Tommy are exes and she's not quite over him, so she's "sniffing around to make sure he hasn't moved on." Wrong. Well, he is an ex, all right. An ex-con. She's his parole officer.

Theme Song!

Trevor goes to Tommy's locksmith shop to get the story. He's a former jewel thief, which makes the customer who overhears their conversation feel just as terrifically sure as you'd imagine. Tommy went away for five years and is now pining for his parole officer, who hates him. Trevor notes she's "artic." Tommy talks like guys only talk on TV -- asking Trevor if he's never had a thing for "one of those icy know-it-alls, who just make you crazy." Trevor says he's got one of those who thinks he's crazy. If Scott was watching with me, he'd crack that while I'm not icy, two out of three ain't bad, but.... When he wakes up, I'll have to tell him the show got him in trouble, even when he wasn't watching.

Trevor might as well take out a chart with him and Claire on one side and Tommy and Paula on the other as he explains to Tommy that Paula's just trying to maintain a professional distance between them, and that Tommy should just ignore that, because Trevor always does. Tommy shows Trevor his latest parole report in which Paula calls him "charming" and "intelligent" but says he's still got his pre-prison mindset and evades responsibility in his daily life. Is anyone else watching at home wondering why anyone tells Trevor anything? When he's tending bar or sitting in on one of Claire's singles group sessions, I can hand-wave people spilling to him, but the way he met and has now connected with Tommy isn't working for me. Anyhow, Trevor thinks setting up Paula with Tommy is going to be a piece of cake. When Tommy isn't interested in his offer, Trevor says he must not love Paula then. Tommy goes into a long speech about how much he loves her, which boils down to the fact that he'd would have gone back to the jewel thief's life with his ex-wife/partner in crime, except he fell for Paula so hard and fast. Trevor's got a plan, and he gives Tommy the Tres Equis address and tells him to meet him there, tonight. Pixie dust.

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