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Isn't It Ironic?

Next, Trevor attends Claire's singles group. At the meeting, a cop confesses that he and his female partner got tipsy and then frisky and now they're uncomfortable with each other. Claire recommends an air-clearing conversation between them. Trevor recommends getting drunk and staging a repeat performance. The cop likes Trevor's approach, better. The group murmurs its agreement. Most of their relationships have started under the influence of a social lubricant. Claire reminds them they're all at a singles group because they're big, frigging losers, or something. Trevor argues that alcohol doesn't make people do things they don't want to do; it makes them do precisely what they want to do. Eh, yes and no. I'm having a glass of wine right now, and yet I'm still covering this show. Claire tells them to ignore him. I try to ignore her. I wish I could fire her from the recaps, like Jacob fired Randy.

After group is over, Claire asking the cop if it's likely her burglar will return. Trevor overhears this, realizes she's still freaked by the break-in, and offers to walk her home. She scoffs at his offer, so he veers left and brings up his childhood to give her an excuse to let him accompany her to her place. Claire sees through him, but she's too curious about her patient to pass up this offer, so she lets him walk her home on the condition that their discussion remain about his issues. On the way home, Trevor discusses his Daddy Issues. As the god of war in a warrior culture, Mars was like a rock star. Indeed. Trevor couldn't stand up under the pressure, and wishes he'd been sired by a lesser god like the god of cookies. Lesser? Hey! After my own personal Savior, nothing trumps the god of cookies, you loon. They oughta lock you up.

At Claire's apartment, she makes Trevor maintain the pretense that this is a session, in order to make herself feel okay about him going up with her, and checking out that there's no axe murderers hanging in her apartment. And there's not. Sadly. There's just a picture of her and a guy, underneath a red umbrella. She says he was her best friend - her "rock." But he's married now and living in India. I think we're supposed think she's being wistful. I think she probably is, but I can't connect with her so I'm not going to pretend I have.

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