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Isn't It Ironic?

Still Ass O'Clock In the Morning; Dark; Tommy's Locksmith Shop: The camera pans up the sleek form of an attractive woman in a form fitting purple dress. Her neck and ears are overloaded with yellow gold, but it looks like she's wearing silver on her wrists. Okay, who did the jewelry? Tommy lets himself in and sighs when he sees her. She is his ex-wife, Sonya (Trieste Kelly Dunn). She volleys that he must have had a long day at the office. He returns -- saying he doesn't remember giving him a key. She scoffs. "Keys are for amateurs. Who taught me that?" She looks up and then back at Tommy. "Oh, I remember. You!" Pixie dust.

Crap, we're only halfway through. While I've been writing, I've been trying to figure out where things between Cupid and me went wrong. I think my problem is that it's not that good, but it's not that bad. It is sweet enough, but it's not enough enough. You know? I'm sorry. Out of the 12 people who read this weecap, odds are six of you like the show and actually care what happened in it, so I'll get back to it, but I'm going to try to be more wee about it.

Paula has a friendly conversation with her doorman, Charlie (Ed Wheeler) and he gives her a huge gift basket someone left for her. It's so big, she can't see Tommy and he can't see her when he gets in the elevator with her, which we already know has problems. Trevor's hiding somewhere in the lobby. It seems he and Charlie conspired because Charlie's sweet and kindly and is tired of seeing Paula alone. The elevator gets stuck, but never fear, Paula's gift basket contains grapes, cheese, an iPod and set of speakers (with a mix on it called "Elevator Tunes" which is all sexy instrumentals), and a bottle of wine. I heard a clink. She digs into it because she and Tommy are "hungry." That said, she also thinks Tommy set this up. He didn't, but he realizes Trevor must have. As Trevor and Charlie drink from a flask and watch the duo on the monitor, who are starting to let down their walls. We cut to...

Claire's Office: She's tapping her fingers on her desk as her assistant Josie types away. Claire's waiting for Trevor to walk her home. She rationalizes that she's doing this to get to the root of Trevor's problems and figure out what caused his break with reality, and if it takes walking 15 blocks a night to do that, she's up for it. "Yes, it's a little unorthodox, but I'm a little unorthodox." Josie says, "Since when?" In one sense, I agree, but back in the pilot, she was characterized as a psychiatrist who doesn't believe in psychiatry. Maybe the writers just need to make up their mind about her. I think Claire agrees because she scowls, or smiles, or twitches or something, and we cut to...

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