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Isn't It Ironic?

Paula's Lobby: Charlie and Trevor are still watching the Knicks game and drinking. As Trevor puts on his coat, he tells Charlie to keep the elevator stuck for another half hour. When he gets to the door, he sees that Charlie's terribly engrossed in something, but the game is over. He's watching Paula and Tommy make out. Trevor walks back to the desk, shuts off the security monitor and says, "Dirty." I say "Creepy."

Claire's: Trevor complains about what it was like to have Venus as a mother. Citing all the nude artwork of her, he says, "She'd take her clothes off at the drop of a hat. Do you know how embarrassing that is for a kid? She may be the goddess of chastity, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a steady parade of 'uncles' coming through the place -- sometimes more than one at a time." Claire reminds him that our parents' relationships influence our own. Trevor agrees and then starts talking about orgies (on account of being a Greco-Roman god). This is to show us that Trevor is passionate and Claire is frigid. Blah blah blah STD cakes. Oh no, he didn't! Rob just had Trevor say, "Epic." That's not right, Rob. [Yes. That word should be off limit from his vocabulary going forth. -- AC] Not in that context. For shame. I'm not transcribing it. It was about a "key party" Dionysus once held. Meh. Pixie dust.

Felix's Apartment: He can't find his iPod. Trevor says he "borrowed" it. Felix points out that if you take something without asking, "It's not borrowing. It's stealing." If that set up and resolution made it into the episode, what in Hades in on the cutting room floor? We cut to...

Paula's Bed: She and Tommy are all snuggly-wuggly. He's still asleep. She's barely awake and looks smitten. Pixie dust.

Parole Office: Paula learns that there was a diamond heist at 3:30 AM and the job fits Tommy's M.O. Paula reminds her boss and the detective at her desk that Tommy's cleaned up his act and that copycatting is not unheard of among thieves. She says Tommy's been a model parolee. Her boss reminds her of her own saying, "They're all model parolees until they aren't." The detective tells Paula if she's "got anything to share that might support [her] theory, [he's] all ears." And we cut to...

Outside the 34th Precinct: Tommy walks out a free man and is surprised to realize that Paula told the cops he was with her. She says, "You were with me." Tommy asks her about her job. And her voice changes to dumb, slow sex-kitten as she says, "Yeah, well, I don't really have one of those, anymore." Fine, you gave up your job for your man. Whatever. What did you do to your voice girl? I hope your IQ didn't leave town with it. She gets that look in her eye and asks what the unemployed do with their time. I don't think the writers are aware of the extreme economic crisis and high unemployment rates in this country right now, because sexy music starts playing and we cut to...

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