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Give Me The Idol
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The editors have a lot of fun juxtaposing shots of monkeys waking up in the morning and looking for food with our Survivors waking up in the morning and... looking for food, mostly. Phillip, Andrea, Dawn, Malcolm -- and maybe Brenda and Cochran though I'm not sure on those last two -- sit around and talk about how they are in great shape by the numbers.

Meanwhile, Reynold, Eddie and Erik are trying to start a fire. Reynold interviews that even though Corinne was the head of his counter-alliance and she's gone, he considers it a win because a Favorite went home. But... she wasn't part of their alliance. I mean, they thought she was, but she wasn't. Reynold points out to Eddie that any women who hang out with them end up going home. I don't know why the newly-merged tribe didn't get rid of Reynold and Eddie first. I still don't get that. Reynold is super-psyched about his alliance with Eddie and Malcolm (he doesn't mention Erik, who I thought was in their Alpha Male alliance too?). Anyway, Reynold thinks it's time for him to start (?) playing the game, so he asks Andrea what her plans are going forward. Andrea doesn't tell him a thing, because she's not as dumb as he is. Then again, Reynold is plenty dumb.

So what's Malcolm up to? He interviews that Corinne is out and she was his closest ally. Then again, now there's no one left who knows he has the Idol. And he thinks he has all of the Fans on his side. (Well, not Sherri, but she's a lady so Malcolm doesn't need to bother with her, I guess?). Anyway, Malcolm points out that the Favorites think they cut off the head of the Rebel Alliance, but they missed.

The animal commentary before this scene is a giant snake stalking a baby monkey, who scampers away. I'm still not sure which animal represents Phillip and which one represents Sherri. Anyway, Phillip is buttering Sherri up as they relax in the lounge chairs. Phillip interviews that the Fans haven't quite figured out that if they don't join up, they'll go home. Sherri is on board and Mike isn't. Anyway, Phillip inducts Sherri into Stealth "R" Us and his fellow alliance members seem as tired of Phillip's shtick as I am. Anyway, Sherri interviews that she'll do whatever it takes to manage Phillip's lunacy and stay in the game. She managed Shemar and she thinks she can manage Phillip, and predicts that she'll be calling the shots in two more votes. We shall see. I actually wouldn't doubt it.

Reward Challenge. They will be divided into two groups via schoolyard pick. Four members of each team will take turns jumping off a platform into the water while trying to throw a ball into a goal, while one member of the opposing team plays goalie. The reward is rappelling down a waterfall and having a picnic. That's a reward? That kind of sounds like a punishment. Like how about you just fly me in a helicopter, Probst? Why do I have to do all the work? I'm starving and bug-ridden and filthy. PAMPER ME.

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