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So You Think You Can Dance

Elena's working on her truck when Christopher shows up, being all flirtatious and stuff. She tries to get him to drop it, but he persists. Finally, Elena blurts out that Rebecca is pregnant. Christopher storms off, near tears.

Elsewhere on the ranch, Bobby is getting his ass arrested for assaulting Harris Ryland. I do like Bobby, but I laughed cheerfully at this development.

Down at the station, Bobby has some one-on-one time with his lawyer. "These charges are bullshit!" It's so weird to hear Bobby Ewing cussing. He rails about Ryland trying to get to Ann and then his lawyer interrupts him. He says Ryland will drop the charges if Bobby apologizes. Bobby looks like he'd rather take his pants off and ride a sandpaper saddle. His lawyer points out just how many friends Ryland has in government and big business. The implication, it seems, is that Ryland can make the Southfork mess even messier. Bobby changes the subject. "Where are we on trying to find J.R.? You said your investigators were checking out his phone records." The lawyer shrugs and says, "They found nothing eyebrow-raising." That's because J.R. doesn't raise eyebrows. His eyebrows raise you. The lawyer says they did find something on J.R's own investigator, Bum, although he doesn't say what that is.

Christopher confronts Rebecca at the condo they used to share. How is she paying for this on her own now? Christopher goes from a normal tone of voice to screeching like a banshee in no time. "You've been lying to me for the past two years! How am I supposed to trust a single word that comes out of your mouth?!" He probably types in all caps, too. Anyway, he doesn't believe she's really pregnant. Rebecca calmly explains that they're having a baby whether they're still married or not. "I really thought you'd be more adult about this," she says, having apparently never met her husband. But then she reminds him of what his own birth parents did to him, which is kind of a low blow.

He rushes back home to tell Bobby and Ann. They're a little hesitant to believe Rebecca would believe such a thing. When Christopher gets all shouty again, Ann suddenly busts out with, "That girl is trying to do right by you, and all you're being is spiteful and cruel!" Bobby is stunned. Christopher slinks off to lick his wounds. Bobby wonders if the flowers from her ex have something to do with his wife's mood, but she's doesn't want to talk about it. Bobby quietly confesses that he bitch-slapped Harris Ryland and now he's in trouble for it. He starts off sounding a little embarrassed, but when Ann doesn't take the news well, he gets defensive. Ann and her miles of legs stomp right the hell out of the room.

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