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So You Think You Can Dance

Meanwhile, Marta and John Ross are still arguing when he realizes Marta never took Elena. He also realizes there's a small camera in the doorway, recording everything. "You're filming this? What did you think was gonna happen here? What is wrong with you!" He should have grabbed the camera at that point, but instead gets into a tussle with Marta. She scratches his neck. He throws her to the floor. He grabs Elena's phone out of Marta's purse and storms out of the room. He turns the corner before he can see two of Vicente's thugs coming down the hall.

Bobby returns home to find Christopher and Ann arguing. Ann defends Rebecca, with whom she clearly identifies for having hidden something in her own past. Bobby tucks the mystery envelope into a nook by the door. In the middle of this, the doctor calls to say that the paternity test results are back, but won't tell Christopher the verdict on the phone.

By the time John Ross makes his way downstairs, a sizable crowd has gathered outside the hotel. An alarm blares. John Ross looks toward the source of the noise and sees Marta sprawled across the roof of a car, her body broken and bloody. He gapes at her, then backs away. People give him suspicious looks. He scrambles for his car and peels out of the driveway.

Doctor's office. Christopher, you are the father! He looks devastated. He looks even sadder to learn Rebecca is having twins. (One of them is going to end up being someone else's, right?) Christopher joins Rebecca in the exam room while she's getting her ultrasound. She takes his hand. He's actually a little happy when he sees the two little lima beans on the monitor, but eventually pulls his hand away from Rebecca's. Ann, standing in the doorway, cries and leaves the room.

Later that night, Ann sits in front of a roaring fire, contemplating her locket again. Bobby walks in and presents her with the envelope. He tells her all about his visit to Ryland's office. "I'd be lying, Annie, if I said I didn't want to know what made you so upset," Bobby says. "I just wish you'd trust me enough to tell me." Maybe it's not about trust, dude. Maybe it just causes her too much pain. Ann cries. Bobby says he doesn't need to open the envelope. "Everything I need to know about you is right here," he says, touching her face. He drops the envelope into the fire. He totally should have given that envelope to her and let her decide what to do with it, but whatever. As the envelope burns away, its contents are revealed only to the audience: some newspaper clippings, a few photographs. One of them shows a young Ann cuddling a baby of unknown gender.

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