Collateral Damage

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So You Think You Can Dance

John Ross pulls up outside Elena's cottage and runs into her arms. He gives her several urgent kisses. "I know you're in trouble," she says. He's shocked, but she means the oil thing. She tells him about her meeting with Sue Ellen. Elena says she's going to help him. Their tender moment is interrupted when a police car drives up behind them, lights flashing. Bobby comes outside and reminds them that the charges against him were dropped. "Sir, we're not here for you," one cop says. They pass him by and head for John Ross, saying witnesses identified him at the scene of a crime. "This must be some mistake. What crime?" Elena asks. "The murder of Veronica Martinez," the other cop says. "I think you know her as Marta Del Sol." Dun, dun, DUN! John Ross is going to be adorable in prison orange!

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