Family Business

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Howdy, Pardner

Tommy meets with his mystery buyer at a fancy bar. It turns out to be Cliff's driver/adopted son/foreshadowed downfall, Frank Ashkani. Tommy starts making excuses for why he doesn't have the methane doohickey yet. Frank goes "ssshhh" in the quietest, yet most terrifying way. He makes no mention of working on anyone's behalf, so maybe he's buying the plans for himself. Tommy unwisely demands more money, but all he gets from Frank is one day's extension.

John Ross and Elena mull over the Henderson well's problems. There's a salt dome getting in the way of the drilling. As they look over the maps, they realize that they can slant-drill from the Henderson property into Southfork's oil deposits. They bring the plans over to Bobby. Everything I know about slant drilling, I learned from Monty Burns. John Ross sums it up: "This is a way to get the oil without ever having to go against what you promised Miss Ellie." Christopher walks by and hears John Ross explaining that they can quickly pay off the Venezuelans this way. Instead of waiting to find out what's going on, Christopher flies off the danged handle. "I agree to pay off your debt, keep you from getting killed in jail and how do you thank me?" He gets all shouty as he is wont to do, even as everyone tries to explain. Finally, John Ross just gives up. "Fine, save your own ass." Christopher lunges at John Ross. Bobby, furious, jumps between them. "This family is in trouble and we need to work together to get out of it!" He orders them to sit down like a pair of misbehaving puppies. They reluctantly do as they're told, but it's too late. Bobby starts blinking and twitching and stumbles backwards into his chair. Elena calls for an ambulance.

At the hospital, Elena and Christopher talk about Bobby's seizure. "What could it have been?" she asks. "Could it have been the --" He cuts her off: "We don't know. They're running tests." John Ross listens, confused. When Christopher goes back to his father's bedside, John Ross asks Elena about what she was going to say before she was cut off. She tells John Ross about Bobby's cancer, because Elena is apparently the deliverer of everyone's medical news on this show. She basically tells John Ross that the reason everyone kept it from him is that they were afraid he'd use the information against Bobby to get Southfork. John Ross tries to keep from showing that he just got punched in the gut.

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