Family Business

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Howdy, Pardner

He calls Bum and tells him to find J.R. Bum lies that he has no way of contacting J.R., so John Ross shoves him up against the nearest wall. "I've never kicked an old man's ass, but today's as good a day as any." He unhands Bum. "Tell him his brother's dying." I haven't given him a lot of credit before, but Josh Henderson is really bringing it in this episode.

Meanwhile, Bobby gets the news from his doctor. His cancer isn't back, but he has an aneurysm in his brain that may be the result of a congenital weakness and/or the chemotherapy. They'll operate once Bobby's blood pressure is down. Till then, the doc wants him to rest up at the hospital, but Bobby digs his heels in like an old mule. If his brain is going to explode like a piƱata, he'd rather it happen in the comfort of his own home.

The next morning at Southfork, Bobby is already antsy. His nurse is already exasperated. Rebecca stops by and finds Christopher camped out in the living room. With his permission, she gives him a shoulder massage -- just in time for Elena to walk in and see them. She looks sad. Ann calls Christopher away to help her with Bobby, leaving Rebecca and Elena to give each other looks like they're fighting over the same man. The writers can't possibly think this is making Elena at all likable, can they? As Rebecca leaves, she pauses at Christopher's car. She digs through his things, pulls out his key card, thinks it over, and then puts it back.

Bobby wants to go for a walk, but Christopher guilts him into staying put. To everyone's surprise, J.R. walks through the doors. "GET OUT," Ann all but roars at him. "Now, just calm down, darlin'," J.R. says. He may be smart in a lot of ways, but even the dumbest of men know not to tell an angry woman to calm down. Ever enraged, Ann shoves him right back out the way he came. J.R. tries to point out that he owns Southfork now and that Bobby is his baby brother, but Ann's not having it. "If I catch you anywhere near Bobby's room, I'll shoot you," she says. "And since you have no heart, it'll be somewhere more vital." She glares at his crotch. J.R. looks scared for possibly the first time in his life.

Still up in his room, Bobby hears all of this with a kind of resigned amusement. J.R.'s just being J.R., he says. "Can I get you anything?" Christopher asks. He means, like, a cup of coffee or something, but what Bobby really wants is peace in the family. He admits to screwing up by selling Southfork. Thank you. He sniffles and tries not to cry in front of his boy.

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