Family Business

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Howdy, Pardner

Rebecca gets a call from Tommy, who's still pressuring her for the key card. "You owe me," he says. She hangs up on him and goes to get a gun out of her safe deposit box. At the same time, Tommy meets with Frank again at the bar. He tries to explain himself, but Frank cuts him off. "Your services are no longer required." Tommy chases after him and Frank handily shoves him into the counter. "Forget my name," Frank says. There's a guy standing right there, pretending not to notice anything.

Bobby gets a call from his lawyer, who tells him they finally have a lead on Veronica/Marta. They've found a cloud storage service she used. They don't have access yet, but apparently she had gigabytes of documents and videos. It's probably mostly just boring sex tapes. The lawyer says if they find what they're looking for it'll void the deal and get them off the hook with the Venezuelans. "The question is," says the lawyer, "if we find proof J.R. was part of the fraud, are you ready to send your brother to jail for it?" Bobby thinks hard. His aneurysm swells like an overfilled water balloon. Finally, he says, "Tell me what you find." As soon as he hangs up, he starts having another seizure. At the sound of his monitors blaring, everyone rushes into the room and finds him flailing about. The ambulance rushes him off to the hospital.

Rebecca opens her door to find Tommy standing there. She's surprised, even though there's a peephole in the door. He backhands her and forces his way inside. "I was fine with the little cons I was pulling," he says. "Then you show up, wiggle your ass, tell me I'm gonna make millions off this Texas oil kid..." Rebecca doesn't seem smart enough to have masterminded this whole thing, but whatever. Tommy knocks her around, pushes her onto the bed. She gets away from him, grabs the gun out of her purse. She begs him to leave. Instead of backing off, he tries to grab the gun. Rebecca must be a lot stronger than she looks, because he has to put up quite a struggle. The gun goes off. Blood spatters those monkey toys. Who was shot? It's not quite the "Who shot J.R.?" cliffhanger of old, but it'll do for now.

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