No Good Deed

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Mysteries of the Texas Justice System
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Police headquarters. John Ross has a chat with Elena in an interrogation room. The lighting makes her look even more disturbingly gaunt than usual. She looks like she's in a horror movie in a couple of shots. John Ross turns out to be a pretty decent liar when he explains what he was doing in Marta's hotel room. He leaves out the parts about his history with her (sexual and otherwise) but still manages to keep in the stuff that makes him look like a hero for trying to protect Elena. Well done, little bastard. Well done. A detective comes in and rattles off a list of incriminating evidence they've found. To John Ross's dismay, the camera Marta was using to record the meeting is not on that list. The detective arrests him and carts him off for his mugshots. Cue opening credits.

Sue Ellen visits her baby boy at the county jail and tells him she's hired the best criminal defense lawyer in the country. Why didn't he ask for a lawyer when the cops were questioning him? This whole subplot is kind of weak. Anyway, Sue Ellen says that Elena thinks he's holding something back. "You better not be protecting your father, John Ross. I will not let you fall on that sword." John Ross insists it's not his father's fault. He admits to having an "affair" with Marta after Elena accused him of sending that damnable email. When he's reluctant to say anything else, Sue Ellen wonders if J.R.'s investors are involved. She wants to track down his father, but John Ross insists he can handle things for himself. He can barely do up the buttons on his own jumpsuit.

Christopher drives Rebecca home from... someplace. This isn't still the same day as the ultrasound, is it? As they sit in the car, they talk about relationship stuff and parenting. What it boils down to is that Christopher will be a father to his kids, but he doesn't want to get back together with Rebecca.

The next morning, some sheriff guy shows up at Southfork to give Bobby and Ann a bit of background on Marta/Veronica. For some reason, nobody ever mentions that the police had been looking for her in connection with the shady conservancy deal. John Ross is their only suspect even though everyone knows she works with criminals. Elena walks in from outside (nobody ever knocks even if they don't live there) and says John Ross's lawyer "doesn't even know if he'll make bail." That seems unlikely, given his rich, well-connected family. The only thing that could possibly hold him back is a plot point. Christopher starts to leave all in a huff when Elena calls him back and asks him to say what's on his mind. He says John Ross has nobody to blame but himself. "You play with snakes long enough, you get bit." Unless they're egg-eating snakes. Those will just gum you, and then only if you're an egg. Anyway, leave it to Christopher to make what should have been a "true dat" moment and turn it into a "shut up, whiny whiner" moment. Elena tries to appeal to Christopher's past friendship with John Ross, but Christopher would rather cling to his current bitterness. Everyone gives him disappointed looks as he leaves for work. On his way out, he catches up the sheriff and asks him to do a background check on Rebecca.

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