No Good Deed

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Mysteries of the Texas Justice System

Man, the rules at this jail seem really lax. A guard brings John Ross into private room for a meeting with Vicente, then just leaves him there unattended. John Ross wants the camera, which he assumes Vicente's men took. "How could you do it?" he asks. "Marta had problems, but she wasn't dangerous." Well, actually, she kind of was. Vicente reminds John Ross that he was the one who told them about her thieving ways. John Ross looks shocked. Did it really take him that long to connect those two very-near dots? John Ross threatens to tell the cops everything. "Be very careful, Mr. Ewing. Pointing fingers in the wrong direction can be hazardous to you and your entire family." John Ross looks shocked again. Vicente goes on to threaten to edit the video footage to make John Ross look even guiltier. Then he asks about the oil and John Ross points out it's kind of hard to do business behind bars. That's not good enough for Vicente.

Some guy from Exxon Mobil drops by Christopher's office and tries to buy the exclusive rights to his methane extraction doohickey. Christopher damned near giggles with amusement because he's like the girl who used to be unpopular in high school and then ends up being the hottest one at the reunion. You had your chance, Exxon guy!

For some reason, Ann is helping Rebecca fold laundry and being super sympathetic. Then Tommy walks in and the awkwardness in the room jumps about ten degrees. Rebecca doesn't want him there, so Ann leaps to her aid. She offers to set Tommy up as a ranch hand at her cousin's ranch in Oklahoma. It must be a cousin she really hates. Even Rebecca's making a "WTF?" face. Tommy acts like the idea sounds totally peachy to him.

Meanwhile, Bobby is surprised to find a bunch of Venezuelans on his doorstep. Vicente explains how he holds the lien on Southfork. If he doesn't get the oil, he'll take ownership of the ranch. Bobby looks like he wants to punch him all the way back to Venezuela, but settles for telling him that the mineral rights don't come with the deal. "So you can call in your note, but you will never pump a drop of oil on Southfork," he says. "And I think it would be in your best interest to get the hell out of my house." He is kind of quietly crazy and scary. I like this Bobby better than the preachy one.

Down at the county jail, John Ross is in the middle of making a phone call when two fellow inmates approach him. "We got a message from Vicente," one of them says. "He doesn't like liars." A stunningly brutal fight ensues. John Ross is a scrappy little thing, but he's outnumbered. As he lies bleeding on the floor, one of his attackers leans down over him. "Tell your uncle he better get Vicente his oil, or next time we kill you." He adds one final punch as punctuation.

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