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Mysteries of the Texas Justice System

Late at night, J.R. sneaks into John Ross's room. He pats his sleeping boy's hair and looks sad. Then he looks maybe a little angry. If I were Vicente, I'd be worried.

Back to Christopher's nobly dumb plot. He goes to Casa de Cano to offer Vicente a piece of his hot methane action. I think he just likes setting blocks of frozen methane on fire. Vicente is reluctant, but Christopher eventually manages to convince him that there's more untapped natural gas off the coasts of South America than there is oil under Southfork. Now he's going to be stuck doing business with these crooks for however long Ewing Alternative Energies is in business. He also gets Vicente to add the hotel video to the deal.

Sue Ellen visits her son to tell him she's spoken to the M.E. She doesn't say she bribed him, of course, and she nearly blows it when the detectives come in to tell John Ross the charges have been dropped. Sue Ellen: "Just when you're ready to lose faith in the system, somebody comes along and rules it a suicide!" Detective: "Uh, no, we found the camera." Sue Ellen: "Oopsie!" And that, kiddies, is why it's important to hatch your various dark plots with the entire family. Or at least send them a text now and then.

Sue Ellen brings John Ross back to Southfork, where Elena greets him with hugs and kisses. Sue Ellen gets a call from the M.E. He is pretty pissed at having needlessly risked his career as well as letting the real killer walk. Christopher and John Ross make nice. Christopher says he realized they have something common, that they're both just trying to make their fathers proud. They shake hands. Bobby congratulates his son on a job well done. No way Bobby can be happy with the new Venezuelan deal. Everybody's in a pretty good mood for now, except for Sue Ellen, who goes to gripe at Ann a little bit for not keeping her in the loop. Mostly, though, she seems upset at herself for being a dishonest politician, even though that kind of seems to be a job requirement.

Christopher goes to see Rebecca. He gives her a copy of the background check her had done. "It's clean," he says. She looks very slightly surprised, but tells him she wants him to be able to trust her again. Christopher says he's tired of being angry. "I want to let it go, Rebecca, but I'm not sure if I can." He asks her if she's keeping any other secrets from him. She assures him she isn't, but later, when she's alone, she goes over the results of the background check with a frown. When Tommy walks in, she hides the papers. "What part of 'get the hell out' don't you understand?" she asks. "You got your payout, now get the hell out of here." He gets all up in her face. "Sorry, sis," he says. He tells her he's got a buyer waiting for Christopher's methane doohickey. He backs her up against the wall and forces a kiss on her. She shoves him away. "Now, are you so deep in this lie that you still think we're brother and sister?" he asks. "Because if you don't steal me that technology, I'm going to tell Christopher everything." He kisses her on the cheek as she cries. The show totally should have left the fake sibling reveal for next week and milked this scene for water cooler chat. This, and John Ross's jail plot, were resolved too quickly. Not that most of us didn't see it coming, but they're already running out of potential cliffhangers and could have used any amount of suspense they had left.

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