Pilot: Changing of the Guard

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Who Stuck J.R. in a Nursing Home?

Later that night, John Ross and Christopher gripe to their respective ladies about each other. They have the common decency to do this without their shirts. Rebecca senses that Christopher is upset about John Ross and Elena's relationship, even though he denies it.

The next day, Bobby and Christopher talk to a lawyer named Mitch Lobell about selling Southfork to a land conservancy when a sheriff walks in. Reluctantly, he serves Bobby with papers. John Ross is trying to stop the sale of Southfork and is contesting Miss Ellie's will to do so. Bobby promises to give John Ross the fight of his life. Everyone makes worried faces. So Bobby turns around and kicks John Ross and all his workers off Southfork. John Ross looks like a little pipsqueak when he sulks up at Bobby and promises, "We're not done here, Uncle." I wouldn't bet on this guy on anything bigger than a game of Quarters.

Elena meets up with Rebecca at the dress shop. She compliments Rebecca's choice and then, for some reason, asks about her dead parents. Rebecca gets around to letting Elena know that she knows Christopher and Elena used to be a thing. Rebecca smiles the whole time, but her eyes look just a little too intense.

Christopher is at his office when he gets a video call from a team member in China. The guy tells him they triggered an earthquake while tapping into a cache of methane and warns him their methods aren't safe. Perhaps they should try dropping a little Beano down in there first. One of Chris's employees overhears the convo with interest.

John Ross pays his daddy a visit in the nursing home and makes an impassioned plea for help. And by "impassioned," I mean "whiny and desperate." He complains that Bobby's selling Southfork in order to fund Christopher's project. J.R. sits there without moving, seemingly having heard not a word. Then with a quiet rumble, he pronounces Bobby a fool and calls Christopher a "foundling." J.R. gets a gleam of fire in his pale, old eyes and commands his son to fetch them up some fried chicken and red Jell-O. There's bellies to be filled and plots to be hatched!

John Ross convinces Elena to go check up on Christopher. When she resists, he plays on her insecurities by telling her she'll always be just the cook's daughter to the Ewings. He reminds her Christopher just used her and threw her away. So she drops by Chris's office, makes him some coffee, chats about the old days, notices the news article on his laptop about the earthquake... He explains the whole disaster to her. She asks him if he's happy with Rebecca and they make hurt eyes at each other. She gives him back her old engagement ring and leaves near tears.

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