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As the Stomach Turns
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Tommy falls in slow motion to the floor, blood spraying from his bullet wound onto the carpet. Rebecca stands over him, gun still in her hand, crying. She picks up her phone and dials. "I'm in trouble," she sobs. She scrubs blood from the floor and then some men from Corpse-B-Gone show up to cart Tommy's body away. (Their motto: "If we haven't gotten rid of your murder victim in 30 minutes or less, your order is free!") Adios, Tommy. You were kind of interesting and now you're dead.

Everyone else gathers at the hospital to await the results of Bobby's surgery. The doctor gives them the good news that they successfully treated the aneurysm. They even went through his femoral artery so that they wouldn't have to disturb his treasured mane. Now they just have to wait for him to wake up to see if there's any brain damage. J.R.'s not one for waiting though, and goes on in to see his baby bro. A nurse tries to shoo him away, but you know what doesn't work. With hat literally in hand, he approaches Bobby's bedside. "Wake up and get better. You keep fighting. You keep fighting me." He seems frailer and older than he has before, even accounting for Larry Hagman's health. "I'm gonna tell you something you've never heard me say before: I love you, Bobby, and I don't know who I'd be without you." Aw. Interestingly enough, this doesn't conflict with his actions later in the episode. J.R. doesn't know who he'd be without Bobby... to fight him.

In the waiting room, John Ross gets a call from Vicente. He's at Christopher's methane test rig in the Gulf. That was quick. It would be nice to have more of a sense of time on this show. It feels kind of insular at times without that context. Vicente wants answers about the rig, but John Ross just gets snitty with him.

Rebecca arrives at the hospital, all flustered and in tears. Christopher reassures her, assuming she's upset over Bobby's illness. Then he notices the bruises on her face and throat. "Did someone hurt you? Was it Tommy?" She admits they had a fight. "But he's gone for good," she says. She has Corpse-B-Gone's guarantee on that. (Their backup motto: "Our customers keep coming back, because we make sure their murder victims don't!") Christopher says to Rebecca that he wants to protect her and asks her to tell him if Tommy tries to get in touch with her. As long as she doesn't bust out the Ouija board, I think she's okay. She notices that Christopher is wearing his wedding band again. She says she'll start wearing hers again, which is going to be a nice trick. When she leaves to get Christopher some coffee, he asks John Ross to get Bum to look for Tommy.

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